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Video rating 

(lightbulb) Having the Good video rating increases your earnings by 5%.

The video rating consists of two equally important aspects:

  • The aesthetic appearance of your stream: angle, background, decoration, outfit, makeup and your attitude/communication
  • The quality of your video stream: resolution, lighting condition and technical background (internet connection, computer, camera)


The right angle, background, outfit and makeup can provide an inviting feel to the image, help you express yourself and attract your visitors. Once they are in your room, your communication and interaction are your key to success!

Here you can see the general expectation towards the appearance in each category:


Very glamorous appeal. Classy, elegant room and decoration. Lingerie or sexy outfit, professional makeup. A shoulder level camera angle that accentuates your qualities.


Hot Flirt

"Girl Next Door" impression, who is having a great time, inviting environment that says "come and let's have fun". Comfortable, sexy attire that you'd wear for a party, no lingerie. Camera should be on shoulder level, with your upper body visible at least.


Soul Mate

Focus on your upper body and face, attract the visitors attention with your personality and your talkative, nice attitude, wear casual clothes. Create a tasteful and cozy environment.



A glamorous, sexy appeal, stylish, well designed room and a fabulous lingerie as the cherry on top.



Unique and expressive overall appeal. The room, outfit, makeup must match and reflect your niche. We generally recommend going with a darker color tone for both outfit and room decoration. You can show the special tools of the trade, and the special design elements, such as chains, straps etc. You can play with your camera angle to better suit your niche, but make sure your face is well visible in the image.


Group / Couple / Lesbians

A sexy, fun and inviting appeal. Lingerie for the ladies, tastefully groomed gentlemen with shirtless or classy/fun attire. Both of you should be well visible in the image.


Gay / Boy

Accentuate your well-groomed body and style, shirtless or classy/fun attire that suits your personality, tasteful room and decoration.



Sophisticated, elegant appeal, stylish makeup and attire, inviting room for the best attraction.


Having the right technical setup is most important for a sharp, stable and continuous camera image. If you meet the below mentioned requirements, you are on your way have a good quality stream on our site:


With proper high resolution, your visitors can see your beauty in it's fullest! You may choose the following resolutions to fulfill the basic requirement for a 16:9 aspect ratio in HD video stream:


The higher resolution, the sharper it will look, attracting more visitors. For further help with setting resolutions, see Jasmincam Going online.


Proper lighting conditions are essential for a good video stream, but how much lighting is needed will depend on your room's conditions. The most important is that your room equally lit everywhere. You can find further useful information how to set up your lighting here: Lighting Guide

Technical background

This mainly consists of the camera, the connection and the computer you use.

In order to stream on our site, you will need to meet certain technical requirements. However, for the Good video rating, you will need to meet our recommended specifications, which ensure that your camera feed will remains stable and sharp in all conditions. You can find our recommended cameras here and our other technical requirements here.

Audio rating 

(lightbulb) Having a Good audio rating increases your earnings by 5%.

Broadcasting sound during your streaming is a feature for everyone to increase their level of attraction and to help in drawing attention to your room. Put the cherry on top and tease your visitors with your sexy accent or entertain them with your favorite music.

  • Make sure not to place the microphone/camera close to your speakers, to avoid echo effect.
  • Always check that the correct microphone device is chosen and enabled.
  • If using the JasminCam software, once you are online, click on the yellow microphone box to enable the sound. It lights up green once it is operational.

If you transmit sound, you have the opportunity to use the two-way audio feature, with which you can increase your income. Check this page to know more about the feature. 

Are you having problems with your audio? Read our Windows - Installation and Troubleshooting page or our Troubleshooting MAC page for help.



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