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Introduction of our Awards game

The long standing and legendary contest, we hereby would like to introduce our Awards Game! We have designed it in order to reward our most appreciated Models.

We have an Awards contest every week. Each contest lasts for 7 days.

Fresh start for everyone, new opportunities to earn more by always providing your best! Make sure your Profile is filled out, as appearing on the top of the list can attract more Members to you!

Find below all the necessary information about the requirements, the Prizes and much more.

How can I participate?

  There are only a few things we ask in exchange for participating in the Game.

  • You need Jasmin Selection to be activated (read more about the Selection here)
  • You need a vote from a Paying Member (after that point Free Members would be able to vote for you too!)
  • Self-votes are forbidden. If detected by our administrators such practices may disqualify or suspend you from Awards.

Glamorous Awards Requirements

Striving for ever-improving service quality on the site, we are devoted to provide premium content to our visitors. Thus we would like to introduce our latest policy that may concern our best Models appearing on the landing page.

As you may already know, glamorous behaviour is essentially important for everyone in order to achieve outstanding success in the Awards Contest. However, it is always good to remember what glamorous behaviour means.

  • Please remember that the focus on your face is the base of Glamour - exposing your whole appearance in the camera is desirable and attractive; make sure to use your charm to attract your visitors.
  • Your body and its movements are equally substantial - being gracious and respectable creates a seductive atmosphere.
  • Decent clothes and underwear in Free chat area are the keys to be successful - being mysterious and covering yourself in Free Chat also make your visitors even more interested in you and your private performance.

To make sure that the Glamorous Awards landing page meets all the requirements, the Jasmin Admin Team is constantly checking those models who participate in the Awards Game. In order to avoid and prevent future inconvenience we would like to draw your attention to a few rules that might be worth checking out.

  • Any form of sexually explicit content in free chat is disallowed.

  • Please, avoid having undesirable positions in Free Chat - 
    sitting in front of the camera with legs wide open or spitting 
    on your own body is not tasteful. Being glamorous means 
    seduction not self-revelation.

  • Teasing members in a tasteful way is essential - non-explicit 
    behaviour convinces members more effectively for a private chat.
    Pushing intimate body parts (e.g: bottoms or breasts) 
    in the camera closely may not attract members to private chat.



  • Though asking for votes is allowed, doing so all the time is not allowed - according to the site policy, Models may ask for votes in a polite way, if the chat conversation is not about votes entirely.

As such rules are introduced, failing to meet the above mentioned requirements might result in sanctions. Before any kind of consequences, the site administrators always contact Models who might need some changes in their performing style, so they can continue their participation in the Game. Though we try to do everything to prevent any sanctions being issued, those who fail to perform according to the above mentioned criterion might expect Awards Suspension. We draw your attention especially to the penalties that may result from violating the voting rules, as those may range from a simple notification to a month long suspension from the Awards Game, or even disqualification. For example, an abuse would be if you (or the Studio which you work for) registered multiple Member accounts to vote for yourself.

Awards Picture requirements

  • The picture must be professional: magazine like quality, from a photo studio, or made by a professional photographer.
  • Your face should be visible.
  • The background must be elegant and arranged.

How can I get points?

Once you are actively participating in the Game you can receive votes from every Member that visits your room.

Members can vote for you once a day:

• Free Members can give you 1 point
• You can receive 100 points from Paying Members and 200 extra points after 5 minutes of Private chat. (300 points in total)

The system also takes various, database related factors into consideration when calculating the points, including online times.

Prizes and Closing time of each Awards Game



 12:00 AM Sunday in LA timezone (PST) is the end of the weekly Awards period.

Consequences of violations on your Awards status

Please be advised that some of the rule violations might result in temporary suspension or permanent ban from the Awards Game, depending on the violation's seriousnessPlease note that the following result in immediate ban from Awards:

  • Underage person in camera
  • Participating in underage role-play
  • Providing show to an underage person
  • Bestiality
  • Showing pre-recorded video feed instead of live camera image

Other violations may suspend the Model's Awards status for various intervals (depending on their seriousness), up to a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I ask for Votes?
      Yes, you can encourage your Members to vote!

    • With how many accounts can I participate?
      One single and several couple or group accounts (but only in case your partners are different)

    • How can I know which place I am currently at?
      You can check your current ranks under your Model Center.

    • Are the Members being advertised about the Awards Game?
      Yes, they will see the Awards page on the first page of our site.

  • None