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What is Fan Club? 

Fan Club is an opportunity to gain more Fans and even more money.
Your Fan Club consists of a Free and a Premium Content area. The Premium Content area is only available for Members who pay for the service, while the Free Content area is available to all visitors on the site.

  • You decide what price you set for your Fan Club Content.

    Default Fan Club price: 4.99 credits will be deducted from the subscribed Member bi-weekly.

    You can set your Fan Club price based on your personal preferences.

    The available prices:

    • 4.99
    • 9.99
    • 14.99

    No content upload obligations apply!

    Payout: You will get fix 25% share of this income.

  • Member subscription is renewed automatically every two weeks.

  • What Members get in return for subscribing:
    1. Exclusive content you update frequently
    2. They can send you Messages half the usual price
    3. They get a Fan Club badge so you will know in the Chat Room who subscribed to your Fan Club 
    4. They can give you up to 500 points in the Awards!
  • Upload Free Content as often and as much as you can to attract subscribers and Premium Content in order to keep them too as your Fans

    It is up to you how many Members you can attract to subscribe and how many you can keep as your loyal subscribers!


The minimum requirement for content upload in your Free content area is the following:

  1. 5 photos
  2. 30 seconds long video
  3. 1 note

The minimum requirement for content upload in your Premium content area is the following:

1. 5 photos
2. 1 minute long video
3. 1 note

Technical Requirements


  • Maximum file size is 10 MB.
  • Minimum resolution is 720*720.


  • Minimum length of each video is 30 seconds.
  • Maximum file size of each video is 2GB.
  • 16:9 HD resolution, the minimum is 1920x1080.
  • Acceptable file formats include AVI, MPEG, MPG, WMV, MOV, FLV, F4V, MP4, MKV.

Rules and expectations 

  • Videos recorded in Free Chat / Private Chat and videos recorded with a webcam are not acceptable
    We strongly suggest that ask for help for making the video! It is less likely to meet the requirements if you make it on your own in front of the computer.
  • Having music, sound, talking is a must for a Fan Club video in order to get it accepted!
    Use a background music which matches your theme/ background/ outfit the most, thus bring out even more from your video.
  • Introduce yourself, talk to the visitors, make it interactive and dynamic.
  • You might show your best outfits or toys (especially in Fetish category).
  • You might tell a bit more about your Willingness list, so the Members would know what to expect in your Private Chat!
  • Outstanding, nice and stylish environment/background is a basic standard.
  • Wear a stylish/ sexy/ mysterious outfit (while taking the rules of your category into consideration)
    For example in Fetish category please pay extra attention that regarding the outfit and background the same rules apply to the Teaser videos
    as for the Online Streams (such as leather, latex, animal print, black, red, uniform..ect).
  • In all the Non Nude categories you shall be properly dressed on the videos as well!
    In Hot Flirt you may only undress in Premium videos. 
  • A professional, vibrant make-up can highlight your beauty, pay attention that you show your most advantageous side for your Visitors!
  • Videos and pictures of pets are allowed in Free Fan Club, however any suggestion of violence or sexual conduct is strictly forbidden.
  • Animals in Premium Fan Club are not allowed to appear.
  • Roleplay – permitted if the role being played is clearly over 18 (incest roleplay does not fall under this category)

Content prohibited by the General Rules of the site are also prohibited for Fan Club content

  • Underage content
  • Elimination or consumption of body waste
  • Blood – if the blood is clearly fake (e.g: Halloween videos), it may appear
  • Drug use
  • Hate speech or any form of racism
  • Aggressive behavior or brutality
  • Bestiality
  • Exchanging contact information or advertising any other service
  • Incest role play (when the participants pretend to be relatives)
  • Please note that you may only upload videos with text in the beginning and the very end of your video with your Model Account name only. 
  • Please avoid using any type of harsh animations, watermarks (producing company's name, personalized mark, electronic signatures, time stamp...etc.) or anything related to the previously mentioned, in order to keep the customer’s focus on the general concept of the Site and your personality.

Additional rules 


Free content area

Videos and Pictures

  • Nude content is not permitted on Free videos and pictures.
  • Non-registered people, strictly over 18, may appear in Free Fan Club content.
  • It is not compulsory for the Model to appear in all their videos and pictures, but the subject must be in some relation to the Model 
    (this should be indicated in the title of the video) (e.g: pet, vacation, etc)

Premium content area

Videos and Pictures

  • Uploading explicit videos and pictures is NOT compulsory. 
  • If the Model is a Non-nude Model then the category’s rules apply to the Fan Clubs as well.
  • Only the model who is registered under that particular Account is allowed to appear in Premium Fan Club content.
  • The Models must appear in all of their Premium videos and pictures.

The same content may not appear in both the Free and Premium area!

Channel Playlist editor 

With the Channel Playlist Editor you can create your own playlist that will be played when you are offline.

Your Subscribed Fan Club Members can see your videos selected from your Premium content area, while all the others will see the videos selected from your Free content area.

*Tip: Tease the Members who don't have subscription yet and make them subscribe to your Fan Club.


  • None