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Being online with the application

While online, you have the following options on the left side and upper menu:


  • Go to Member / Free Chat  – you may change between Member and Free chat.
  • Contacts – This shows your contacts list.
  • Awards Your current status in the Awards game.
  • Report – Bug or Spam reports to our Staff can be sent with the button.
  • Jasmin This button opens your Performer Center in your browser.
  • ? Opens the Jasmincam Wiki page.
  • Settings You can change the Chat Scroll direction here and turn on or off the Privates sound alerts and notifications of new Members or new Chat messages in the Free, Member or Private chat area. You may also set the alert volume.
  • In case the studio enabled for the models to see the statistics, certain icons are visible on the top right corner of JasminCam:
    1. The current price/minute of the model account
    2. The current share of the model account
    3. Amount of $ needed to reach the next level in the Level Dependent Payment System. If the studio disabled the Statistics for the model, this icon won't be visible.


Multilogin feature:

  • The “+” symbol next to your username allows the login with a second account.

  • This option is available when you have two accounts registered in the same category under the same Studio account and your registered e-mail address is matching.

On the left side you can see a list of your visitors (Members). The meaning of the different colors and icons next to visitors, are listed below.


  • Person with a Heart Icon Valued Member, informs the Performer that he is worth paying attention to.

  • Grey person Member.

  • Site icon – Informs the Performer from which site the Member came from.

  • Affiliate site – If a member joined your room from an affiliate site, you can see which one they visited you exactly, below their nickname, if you click on the certain member.

  • Clock icon – Indicates that you can invite the Member to Private, after having spent at least 90 seconds in your room.

  • Red M icon Indicates to the Model that this member is on her own website.

  • Note that if member is from a mobile device, there's no indication at the contacts, only in the chat applet (small mobile icon.)

There are different colors/indicators in the chat itself that could help them differentiate each type of customer.

  • Guests have grey color in the chat.
  • Members have yellow color in the chat.
  • Admins have green color in the chat.

If you click on a Member’s name in this list or in the main chat window, different option becomes available to you.

  • With Jasmin visitors, you may view some of the info about them, add or read your own notes, and may kick or ban them (use this option only after consulting with the Support Team).

  • Invite to a Private Show If Members spend at least 90 seconds in your room you can send a Private show invitation to them.

  • Chat logs – You are able to chack previous chat logs with your members.

A new Member listing function has been implemented, thus you can see your members in different order, regarding their purchases: 


  • Member who took the Performer to Private gets listed first based on the purchases
  • Member who has the most purchases in the system
  • Free Members


If you click on a Member, then a Member Profile will pop up on the Member list, where you can leave your Notes about them, thus giving you an edge of what experience you had with them, what they like, hobbies, etc. 

During a Private Chat with a Member the Chat window slightly changes.

  • You see the Member name in a yellow bar. In addition, if the Member turns his camera on, you can see the image next to your stream.

  •  Just above that the current income of the ongoing Private is displayed.

  • You may have maximum 6 joined members in a private.

  • Block New Members – During an ongoing private chat you are able to keep the private blocked for other members thus they can't join to your private session.

Thanking message can be sent also to the last Member who leaves your Private Chat after at least a one minute long show.

  • Please note that the time intervals (40 seconds after private chat) in between chat areas are not added to the earning statistics.

You can also check your Private Chat logs with the given Member, in order to help you analyse and prepare for your next performance. 

On the right side of JasminCam, you will see a tab under your camera image.


  • Video - The indicator of your Appearance rating. Further information here.

  • Audio - The indicator of your Audio rating. Further information here.
  • Yellow microphone button - With the help of this button you can turn on and off your microphone any time (if selected an audio device before coming online). Please note that you cannot turn audio off if you have activated the Two-way audio feature in your Model Center.
  • Awards points – Your current points in the Awards game.

  • Resizing – In the bottom right corner you are able to resize JasminCam.

Under that part you can see Admin feedback and Members who voted on you in the Awards game.

  • The animation of a surprise will be visible on this tab as well, and the taken snapshots by the Members can be reviewed on this area.

JasminCam has a built in translator to help the work of the performers, as well as to provide a better experience for the members.

  • Using the translator both of them can communicate despite the language barrier.
  • It can be found on the bottom, an Earth icon, just at the right side of the chat panel.

VibraToy is an interactive device that lets you offer a special service for your Members. The Members can control your VibraToy by moving their mouse during the show. 

  • VibraToy option is not available in the browser version and in the OSX version of Jasmincam.

  • You may see the requirements and how to use the device here.



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