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Firstchoice Pay 

Firstchoice Pay is an e-Wallet based payout solution, an affiliate of Payoneer. By choosing this option, you will be paid on your Firstchoice Pay virtual account from where you can easily transfer your funds either to your Firstchoice Pay MasterCard® card or to your local bank account.

Setting up a Firstchoice Pay account through does not cost you anything. covers the start-up costs, including the fee of the Firstchoice Pay Prepaid MasterCard® card.

If you choose the MasterCard option, you will receive your card in 10-30 business days after successful application.

Who is Firstchoice Pay? 

Firstchoice Pay markets, manages and services prepaid MasterCard® debit cards. The Firstchoice Pay Prepaid MasterCard® card works just like any other MasterCard® card. The card is accepted at all locations worldwide, where MasterCard® is accepted electronically. You can use it at a point of sale location to make purchases and at ATMs to withdraw cash. With the added security of choosing your own PIN, you can be assured of no unauthorized usage of your card.

In addition to the prepaid card service, Firstchoice Pay offers local bank transfers (ACH for US and International ACH for outside US). This option is fast, cost-efficient and a perfect alternative for paper checks.

Why choose Firstchoice Pay? 

Firstchoice Pay is recommended for the following reasons:

  • You receive a MasterCard branded plastic card which you can use to withdraw money in any ATM or pay with it at POS terminals and online.
  • You can accept payments, check your balance, and send funds to other Firstchoice Pay users online, by logging into your Firstchoice Pay account.
  • Smart security feature implemented for your protection (you need to accept a payment, it is not charged to your account automatically, therefore your funds are safe if you lose your card).


The following fees are related to a debit card:

  • Setting up a Firstchoice Pay account via does not cost you anything! covers the start-up costs.
  • Withdrawing money from an ATM costs $2.75
  • Declined withdrawal and balance inquiry costs $1.00
  • Monthly account maintenance fee: $2.00.
  • When accepting funds you have the option to choose Standard Load which is free (within one business day) or Expedite Load which costs $3.00 (Within 2 hours).
  • Your debit MasterCard® card will be issued by Choice bank and have the following limits:
    • Daily ATM withdrawal limit: $5,000
    • Daily spending limit: $5,000

The following fees are related to a local bank transfer:

  • Free sign-up!
  • $2 transfer fee for US
  • Fee for local currency transfer is $3.00.
  • Fee for USD($) transfers is $15. Rejected transfers due to wrongly given bank details may incur additional fees.

How do I apply for the card? 

Applying for a card is quite simple. In case you have not yet chosen a payout method:

  1. Log into your Jasmin Account
  2. Select Firstchoice Pay and submit your request.
  3. On the next page choose your desired minimum payout limit and hit the submit button.
  4. You will land on the Firstchoice Pay sign up page where you have to register your account (3 steps, please make sure to complete all steps and accept the Terms and Conditions, Card Usage Fees and Electronic Disclosures.)
  5. After successfully registering the account you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Firstchoice and another e-mail after your account is activated. Note that the confirmation e-mail does not mean that your application is accepted.

In case you wish to apply for the Local bank transfer option instead of the MasterCard® plastic card you will have to select your country at the bottom of the page where you see: “No thanks, I would like to receive my payments directly to my bank account.”

If you choose the direct deposit/local bank transfer option, you will either use Firstchoice Pay ACH or Firstchoice Pay EFT, depending on the country where your bank is located – in- or outside the United States. If your bank is in the United States, you will use Firstchoice Pay ACH where each deposit will cost $2. If your bank is located outside the United States, transfers in your local currency will cost $3, depending on the country of your bank, while USD($) transfers will cost $15.

You can read more about Firstchoice Pay at


Please see the step-by-step card registration process below:

On the main page at, please click on the "SIGN UP" button:

Please add your personal information:

When all the data is given, the "NEXT" button will be active.

In the "Contact Details" section, you will need to add your address, were the Prepaid Card will be shipped:

As the next step, your given e-mail address will be visible in the "Username" line, also, you can provide your password here as well. Make sure, you select a "Security Question" as well, and the answer line is filled in.

If everything is correct, the "NEXT" button will be active to click:

Your Account, and Card request is already done. Please provide all the necessary information in the "Almost Done" section:

You will need to verify your registration. Please select an identity document, and fill out the required details:

When you finised, the "ORDER" button will be active. If you click on it, the further information will be
sent to your selected e-mail address:

How do I activate my Firstchoice Pay MasterCard plastic card? 

Once you get your card delivered, you can activate it by clicking on the Activate your card menu on You will be required to provide the 16-digit card number and a 4-digit PIN. The PIN is not sent to you, you can choose your own PIN.

How do I accept payments? 

Accepting payments is very easy. You can either accept incoming funds by clicking on the link that is provided in the Good News e-mail Firstchoice Pay sends you after a payment is made to your account or you can simply log into your account, check your history and load funds onto you card.

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