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The basics - Choosing a browser can be visited using any of the most popular browsers, e.g.: with Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeInternet Explorer and Opera. Apple users may use Safari as well, besides the compatible editions of the above mentioned browsers.

It’s recommended that the latest versions of these browsers are used at all times. Regular updating does not only contribute to better user experience, but increases security as well.

Go online with your Internet Browser 

You will go online automatically with the highest possible quality what your computer and camera can support however it’s strongly advisable to use the standalone Jasmincam software for better quality and for higher chance to get the good Video Rating. Using the browser version gives limited possibilities and may influence the quality negatively. 


  • See the Technical Requirements for JasminCam software here.
  • See the Recommended Cameras here.
  • Choose this option only if you cannot use the JasminCam Standalone Software temporarily. 
  • If you encounter any issue with your Jasmincam, our admins from the Technical Department are more than happy to assist you on the Online Support Chat.

Please note that if you go Online with the browser version of Jasmincam, you will not appear on the website for the mobile users and users without active Flash plugin!

   1.Step - Going Online 

Click on the ’Go Online Now’ button in the ’Go Online’ menu  in your Model Center.

   2.Step - Access to your camera

JasminCam requires to have access to your camera in order to stream your feed online. The menu automatically pops-up if your browser is not set to have access to your camera at all times.

   3.Step - Flash Settings 

After you go online you may check your Flash Settings (Adobe) if you can not see your camera.

You may check it by clicking on the camera area with the right button of your mouse.

 If you clicked on the ’Settings’ you might ’Allow’ (plus mark to remember) to access your camera and microphone.

You may find this option on the second tab from the left. It is called 'privacy.'

After you set it to ’Allow’ you might check the chosen camera device and check it by clicking on the little camera icon under the device menu.

Being Online 

While you are online, you have the following options on the upper menu:

  • Go to Members / Free Area – you may change between Member and Free chat.
  • Start Game
  • Audio ON/OFF  With the help of this button you may turn on and off your microphone any time (if selected an audio device before coming online). In case you are taken to private, please double check that the button is showing ‘Audio is On’.
  • Report – Bug or Spam reports to our Staff can be sent with the button.
  • Settings
  • Model Center  This button opens your Performer Center on
  • Quality  Your settings have been remotely adjusted.


Within Settings option you may set the ’Chat scroll’, ’Base Alerts’, ’Members Area Alerts’ and the alerts volume.

Multi-login – You may go online with 2 Accounts at the same time from one browser by clicking on the '+' sign in the left corner.


If you could add your second Account another tab will appear next to the first, this way you can change the chat boxes and chat with Members on both of your Accounts.

IMPORTANT(warning): Multi-login only works if the two Accounts are registered under the same Studio Account, with the same email address using the ’Choose exisiting performer’ button, and if they are in the same category!


You have the option to kick or ban the visitor in your room. For further information please visit our Support Chat.

During a Private Chat with a Member the Chat window slightly changes.

You see the Member name in a yellow bar. In addition, if the Member turns his camera on, you can see the image in the lower right corner.


If you click on Quality tab you will be prompted with your image and a slider. The slider then may be used, to lower or raise your camera's quality. Note if you raise your quality it may lower the System Performance.


(info) You may also check your quality rank in JasminCam software above your camera image while you are online.


You may read more about video and audio ratings here

Adobe Flash Player uses flash technology to stream live camera feeds and to operate the chat rooms on the site. For this reason, it is crucial that you have the latest Flash Player installed on your computer. If you wish to go online from browser, please note that Chrome comes with a built-in Flash Player, and for other browsers you may install it (or update it if necessary) from here:

Second, it's also advisable to clear the Adobe Flash Player cache. You can accomplish this by opening the following link:

Please click on the ’Delete all sites’ button in the Website Storage Settings panel.

Switch on the Global Storage Settings Panel and make sure to move the slider to its rightmost setting, to maximize the Adobe Flash Player cache size (as demonstrated on the screenshot).


Our site (as most websites on the Internet) uses the browsers to store certain files in the cache folder, and utilizes cookies and JavaScript. These features should be turned on in your browser.


In Chrome, this can be checked in the Options -> Under the Hood menu by clicking on the “Content settings…” button.

In Firefox, this can be easily set up by clicking on the Firefox menu > Options > Privacy menu > and selecting Firefox will Remember history.


In Safariplease open Safari menu (on the top bar) > Preferences. From the Security dialogue box, choose Enable Javascript.

To allow cookies in Safari too, open Safari (on the top bar) > Preferences > Privacy > and set the Cookies and website data to Always allow.

These settings are on by default but if you have any problems, please feel free to check out this web page, or contact our Online Support Chat.

Clearing cache and cookie files 

If you experience problems with logging in (e.g.: after entering your password you get back again to the log in page or cannot navigate between pages on the site), it is recommended to delete the files in the cache folder and the cookies from your browser.


  • If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, you may easily do so by downloading and running the file in your PC from this link:

  • In Google Chrome you may open Options -> Under the Hood menu, and click on ‘Clear browsing data’ button. Please verify the time interval to ‘the beginning of time’ and that both ‘Empty the cache’ and ‘Delete cookies’ are selected.
  • With Safari, click on Safari (on the top bar) > Clear History and Website Data... > and set it to all history and press Clear History.



  • For other browsers, kindly refer to this pagewhere you can find detailed description as to how to perform this process.


If you still have any question, contact our Online Support chat. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7, every day of the year.

Private browsing 

Browsers nowadays offer a so-called private browsing option, which disables the saving of your browsing history, turns off plug-ins, JavaScript and so on.

Since the disabling of such features may hamper the user experience, it is recommended not to use these private browsing options.

Again, private browsing is off by default and can be activated intentionally. A more thorough description of this feature may be found on this website.

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