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Welcome to your new Model Center

Congratulations, you can now go online and start exploring Jasmin! However before that, we would like to kindly suggest you to read through this short "Where to find what" guide, so using your new Model Center would be as easy as possible. 

Home Page

After a successful login to your Model Center, you will be automatically directed to your Home page.

Account Selector and Settings

  • Clicking here at the right upper corner of your Model Center, you have the option to change your e-mail address and password or log out from your account. Also, you can switch to your other Performer accounts if you have any.

Promotion Period Countdown

  • If you joined Jasmin as a completely new Model, we help you with a little boost. Promotion Period offers the Members a lower price per minute – 0,98/minute - which provides you the opportunity to build your own Member base. As long as your Promotion Period is on, you will be higher on the page.

At the Countdown, you can check how much time is left. When either counter reaches 0, the Promotion period is over, and you will be able to set your own price per minute.

Period Statistics

  • Under Period Statistics, you can check your online spent time and earnings from your current period.
  • We improved the home page Dashboard widget, so you may better see your earnings and how much time you spend online. The data is now more frequently updated, therefore it is more accurate.
    We also changed the way that we display the info about Private Shows. We now take into consideration the starting point of the private show.


Ongoing Contest and Latest News

  • Under your Period Statistics, you may find the topic of our ongoing Video Contest, where you can also join the competition.
  • You can read the latest News of Jasmin at the bottom right corner of your Home page.


  • Here you can read  useful advice on how to keep your account up-to-date and become one of our best. By clicking on the "i" information sign, you may find further helpful tips.

Going Online

  • By clicking on the "Download JasminCam" button, you will be directly offered to save and install this program. Using this software is highly advised because it helps you to provide a more fluid and Glamorous HD image, and it also grants you the opportunity to be online with two of your Model Accounts at the same time!
  • You can Go Online from your Browser as well. However for the highest success and satisfaction the software would be the best choice.





In the Stat Dashboard, you will be able to find added-value information and Key Performance Indicators like: 

  • Your total earnings
  • Your total working timeYour average earnings per hour
    • Divided by
    • Compared with the previous period
Also, pie charts and tables of your detailed performance over the selected period compared to the previous period 

You may find more information about Dashboard usage here.

Income Overview

This option can be found under Statistics menu, you can check your current status on our Level Dependent Payment System and view the detailed statistics from your earnings.



Profile Picture

  • Profile Pictures of Models are going to be the main tools to get the Visitors’ attention. The better, prettier and more professional Profile Photo you have, the more attractive you will be to the Members raising your traffic, positioning you better on the site and increasing your chances of getting Private Sessions! Here you can upload a Glamorous photo for Jasmin and an Erotic one for LiveJasmin.
  • You may find our Profile Picture requirements here.

Account Data

  • Using the Introduction, you can share unique personal information about yourself and point out what things you really like, or on the contrary - dislike.
  • Under Willingness, you can select what you are willing to do in a Private. This way, Members can search for you by the services you provide and will know what to expect. It is important to keep it up-to-date according to your mood, so you can avoid any misunderstanding with the Members.

Personal Data

  • Under Personal Data, you have the option to change details regarding your appearance, and you have the chance to add or remove languages you speak.
  • You can sign up here as a Porn Star to earn higher per minute price in your Private Sessions!

Price & Privacy

  • Price: Here, you have the option to change your charge per minute for Private Shows, Cam2Cam and Two-way audio
  • Country ban: You can select here if you would like to notify the Members on your birthday. You are given the opportunity to ban the Guests from 3 countries besides your home country, where you can ban everyone (Guests + Members). This is so that you may avoid an unpleasant meeting with someone you know.
  • Banned Words: Filter specific words from your chat room. they will not appear for you and for other users. NOTE, if Member's message will contain banned word, the whole message will not appear in your chat. Thus be careful adding words, which should be banned. 

My Content

My Content is an opportunity to attract more Members and earn even more money. Your Content consists of a Free and a Premium Content area. The Premium Content area is only available for Members who pay for the service, you can set the price for it, while the Free Content area is available to all visitors on the site. You may read more about My Content here.



Under this option, you can track your Members who had a Private with you. You are also able to add them as favorite besides leaving a note about what they like, check their profiles or send them messages.

You may sort your members according to the following filters:

  • order by Last spent
  • order by Favorite
  • order by Most spent
  • order by Name 


In this menu, you can see your mailings either with Members whom you had Private with or with Jasmin Support staff. 

Jasmin Messenger - Photo/Video Sharing feature

Why use the Photo/Video Sharing feature available in Jasmin messenger?

Discover how to earn more with the Jasmin messenger new feature


  • Share more content with your followers via messenger app
  • Earn more with the shared content 
  • Set your own credit targets for each photo
  • Available anytime on mobile and Desktop


This will enable you to share photos or videos in a chat for a desired amount of credits or for free. The design of this new feature was made so it will be easy to use for everyone.


How to use photo/video sharing feature?

In the following lines we will present how the new feature can be used.

  • The Messenger and the share photo functionality will be available on the 7th tab from the left side menu inside Model center .


  1. Open a chat with a member
  2. Add the Photo or Video
  • In order to start the photo sharing process you need to click on 

  • Clicking the  will open the Device’s  Photo Gallery so that you can select the desired photo.

  • Error Messages 

     If the minimal requirements are not reached by the photo or video, an error message should show you the proper reason why the image can not be sent to the member (eg image quality is low, file size is too big )

       Technical Requirements for photos:

    • Acceptable image types are JPG, JPEG, PNG

    • Recommended image type is JPG, all non-JPG files will be converted

    • Minimum picture size is 720 x 720 pixels

    • Maximum file size is 15 MB per photo

  •  Technical Requirements for videos:
      • The video should be between 3 and 60 seconds

      • 600 x 600 pixels

      • File formats: AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, FLV, F4V, MP4, MKV

      • The max. file size is 350MB

  • If the you click on send image icon select the photo but then click on cancel the image will not be sent
  3.Select Pricing
  • After choosing the photo the selected one will appear in the chat box, next to it there will be a price selection option 
  • Price is set by you
  • 1 Credit is selected/highlighted as default price to send the photo

   4.Sending photo
  • After selecting the price, you will click on send button and the photo will be sent to the user.

      5.Photo Notifications
  • While sending the photo, under the photo we will display the following message "2 Credits Photo is sending..."


  • After the photo is sent the above message will change from the previous text to " 2 Credits photo was sent" so that the you have a confirmation that the photo was sent for the specified price.

  • When the photo is purchased the notification text is changed to "Photo purchased for 2 Credits" so that the you'll have the confirmation that the photo was bought for the specified price.

  • Members and performers should receive a push notification if a photo was received if they use a mobile device


Income statistics 

  • Purchased content by the users should be indicated for you in the income overview as a Message income and in the Dashboard page as a message income

  • Sent images by member has same price as a single message.

Other Behaviors

  • You can click on the sent photo and the photo will open at a larger size

  • The User can send photos to you and if you click on the photo this will be open in full view

Voice Message

With this option you can send audio records to your Members. Do not miss the opportunity to wish ''Good Morning'' and ''Good Night'' to your Members and allow them to hear your sweet voice. 

Voice Message can help your Members to understand feelings you put into your Message and answer to you with the same passion. 

Sending voice messages is really easy and you can do it from your Model account or through Jasmin Messenger. 


Click on the microphone icon to start recording your voice message. 

You can record up to 1 minute long messages. Once the message is recorded click on  icon to send the message, or  icon in case you wish to cancel recording. 


Note: the message can be recorded in real time only. You cannot send prerecorded messages or audio files. Thus you should have properly set microphone in order to record and send Voice Messages. 



Here you can see our current Video Contest, which is always built around a theme. You can also check the previous Contest winners' videos and the upcoming Video Contest events.


My Website

Create your very own Website where all the attention is on you, and Visitors only come there to meet with you. You can create your own brand with a personalized website name which you can advertise on social media to boost your traffic. Read more.

Music Library

According to copyright laws, you may not use music without a purchased license. We provide you with a wide range of music that you can use for your uploaded My Content or Contest Videos.



Earn More

Jasmin Selection

Complete the given assignments in your Model Center to get the Jasmin Selected Model badge. By clicking the "Show more" button, all of the requirements will be listed, which have to be fulfilled in order to be able to get the badge, which will appear in the right upper corner on your Home page. For more detailed information about Jasmin Selection, click here.


In this menu you may order your own VibraToy and give your Fans an unforgettable experience. For more detailed information about VibraToy, click here.


We have an Awards contest every week. Each contest lasts for 7 days, where you can win fabulous Prizes!. Here you can check your current position each week. For more detailed information about Awards, click here.


We are offering you a Protection from unexpected changes regarding your income. All Models can get the Protected status. If you reach the "Famous" status in the Level Dependent Payment System (over 300 dollars) for two consecutive period, you will be automatically Protected. Reminder: Upon major violations, you might permanently lose your Protection, so please avoid breaking them.

Two-Way Audio

With this extra option, you can add up to 2.00 USD plus to your private per minute price. This way, you will not need the keyboard, neither your Members. You will be talking to each other, making the bond between you even closer.

Paying Snapshots

Members can pay you for taking snapshots of your moments together. It is an easy and fun way to raise your income even more. You can decide anytime if you wish to use this option by clicking on the button at the right upper side "Activate the service" / "Deactivate the service". Plus, you can check your incomes overall as well as from your current period. 

Member Referral

Under this section, you can refer users to become new Jasmin Members. All you need to do is to share your personalized link with others. By doing so, you will gain a lifetime commission of 20% of all purchases the Member makes!

Help & Info


As we would like to keep you as updated as possible, under this menu, you will see all the information regarding changes, upcoming events. It is recommended to check this section daily.

Online Support Chat

Our colleagues are at your service every hour of every day the whole year. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Level Dependent Payment

Your actual earnings are based on the Level Dependent Payment System, giving you the option to increase your earnings without raising your per-minute rate. Your commission for Level Dependent Income will vary depending on your current Level. The higher your level is, the higher commission you receive!

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