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Internet Explorer

JasminCam – uses Internet Explorer settings for data transmission, therefore a general troubleshooting / reset of Internet Explorer is advisable.

Firstly, if you are using an older Internet Explorer version, updating to at least 8 / 9  is recommended.

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

You can update to the newest version on the following link:

  1. Open Internet Explorer browser, then go to: 'Tools'.
  2.  Select 'Internet Options' here.
  3. Click on the 'Advanced' tab and there click on 'Reset'.
  4. On the next pop-up panel check 'Delete Personal Settings' and confirm 'Reset'.

Adobe Flash Player uses Flash technology to stream live camera feeds and to operate the chat rooms on the site. For this reason, it is crucial that you have the latest Flash Player installed on your computer.

As JasminCam uses the Flash plugin from Internet Explorer only, make sure you have the latest version.

   Windows 7

1. On this operating system you will need to remove the current version of Flash player first. To do so, please open the following link from Internet Explorer browser and uninstall the Adobe Flash Player completely from your system:

2. You can download the latest Flash Player from here (follow the link from Internet Explorer):
Please do not install the McAfee anti virus since it is not compatible with our software.

   Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

On the systems above, Flash is built-in. You will only need to update Flash with windows update if necessary. Uninstalling can be done manually, but it is not recommended as it causes problems.

   Clearing Flash cache

If JasminCam runs into display errors, Flash cache needs to be cleared from your Internet Explorer browser. You may do this with the following method:

Please follow this link, and click on "Delete all sites":

Secondly, on this link drag the slider to the right, until it says "Unlimited" :

You can close the browser afterwards, there is no need to click or save. 

Camera problems 

   No image

First, verify that the device is plugged into your computer and has a power source too, if necessary (for Handycams).

It’s also recommended to have the latest camera driver installed for your camera. They are included with the camera or may be downloaded from the camera manufacturer’s website.

NOTE: Some cameras may not be supported by certain operating systems. Please check our recommended cameras for more information on system requirements.

If you wish to use a single camera to perform on multiple sites, you will need a camera splitter program. In this case you must configure your splitter application first by selecting your camera inside. After that, set the camera splitter as the source device in our software.

  • If you still do not have an image, you can try to plug in your camera to a different USB port. 
  • If you have errors in your camera image, like a line of discolored pixels, it is a good idea to check the USB extender cable and replace it if you are using one. Otherwise, the camera itself might be faulty.

   Slow camera image

Slow camera image is mostly the result of connection problems or low upload speed. See more in the Connection speed chapter.

Your camera quality may also decrease with high/overloaded processor or memory use. To see more about CPU and memory usage, please press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time.

In the Task Manager select the “Performance” tab where you can see the actual use of your CPU and memory. If they are above 80% it can result in camera problems. To fix this, please close every unnecessary application to reduce the load on your system. If that does not help, you need to upgrade your computer.

Camera settings can also make the camera image slow. For example, if the Exposure option is too high in Logitech software, the camera may have trouble providing a stable 30 FPS image. 

   No audio

There are certain cases where the audio is not present. In these cases, you can check the following:

Please make sure to select the proper audio device before you login. You can check this in the Advanced settings on the login screen.

You can also check if your audio is muted by clicking on the yellow microphone icon under your preview in JasminCam.

Audio volume might also be too low as well. The settings can be checked, by right clicking on the speaker icon and selecting "Recording devices" just as the below picture:

On the appearing window, please right click on the camera's microphone, and select properties, just like in the picture. 

On the "Levels" tab, you can adjust the volume of the camera's microphone. Please make sure it is set around 80-90.

If you have any questions, contact our Online Support chat. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7, every day of the year.

Connection speed 

   Having a high Internet connection speed is necessary to be able to broadcast HD quality camera feeds.

While a minimum of 1 Mbit/sec upload speed is required for a good user experience, 1,5-2 Mbit/sec speed is normally recommended.

If you experience problems with the connection speed, such as camera images take too long to load or they are not continuous, it’s recommended to check the Internet connection speed. You may check your connection speed here.

If the measured bandwidth is too low or lower than what should be based on the contract/plan with your Internet service provider (ISP), first check all running applications on your computer and see if any of them is using the connection (e.g.: torrent clients, instant messenger programs, etc.). Also, check the websites that you have open in other browser windows/tabs, since audio/video streaming (e.g.: YouTube) may use some of your bandwidth. Turning off these programs and websites may improve your streaming.

Wireless connections may result data loss or camera delays, therefore we recommend using hardwired connection.

Using VPN can also generate connection problems, so please avoid using that as well.

Microsoft .NET  

A Microsoft operating system platform that incorporates applications. Most times, applications will ask for a particular version of the framework to be installed. In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, the .NET Framework 4 and later are already built-in. However, there are softwares that require an older version, such as .NET Framework 3.5.

In case you experience errors with your JasminCam it is more than advisable to install the 3.5 version of .NET framework.

You may download it from here:

After you click on Download, please run the .exe file you receive.

Windows Update  

   In Windows 7

In many cases, the root of the error lays in a simple Windows Update. It can be found in the Control Panel. You can either directly search for it in the search panel there, or find it in the list.

Go to Change Settings. As it is recommended to enable the automatic update install, choose this one from the drop-bar.

   In Windows 8 and 10

In Windows 8, the process is similar. However, in Windows 10, the settings for Windows update are in a different place. Please head to settings, then navigate to Windows update like in the pictures below.

The settings menu

Head to advanced

On the above screen, you can change the options.

Firewall and Antivirus application(s)  

Firewall and antivirus applications at times significantly slow down or even block your stream. We recommend disabling these applications while you’re working as a performer online.

The Windows firewall is a default application in most computers. You can disable your firewall by following these steps:

  • Step 1. :  Open the START menu, type firewall.cpl and hit enter, or open the RUN command and type firewall.cpl. This works in XP, VISTA, and W7 versions.

  • Step 2. : Click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”. It is the second choice in the menu next to a shield icon.

  • Step 3. : Choose “Turn off Windows Firewall,” then hit OK.

The most common versions of antivirus software are located on the taskbar. By clicking on an antivirus icon, you can normally open the settings panel where you should be able to turn it off.

How to turn off Avast Antivirus: System tray-> right click to Avast icon   -> choose avast! shields control -> choose for how long would you disable it -> press Yes on the warning window.

How to turn off AVG Antivirus: Open the AVG  -> right top corner -> click to Options -> select Advanced settings ->on the next window choose Temporarily Disable AVG Protection -> under this option click to the Temporarily Disable AVG Protection button - > select the duration.

How to turn off Norton 360 Antivirus: System tray -> right click to the Norton 360 icon  -> then select the Disable Anti Virus Auto Protect -> select the time interval -> click to OK.

How to turn off Avira Antivirus: System tray -> right click to the Avira icon  -> uncheck the Enable Real Time Protection -> a closed umbrella  appears after disabling it.

Vibratoy device troubleshoot 

VibraToy is an interactive device that lets you offer a special service for your Members. The Members can control your VibraToy by moving their mouse during the show. VibraToy uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer and is capable of multiple operations such as rotation or vibration. The package contains a Bluetooth Vibrator, a USB Charging Cable, a USB Bluetooth Dongle and the User Manual.

   How to turn it on:

  1. Please make sure that your VibraToy's battery is fully charged before you start working
  2. Plug in the USB Bluetooth dongle
  3. Switch ON your VibraToy (Press and hold button A for 3 seconds) until the green light is flashing
  4. Go Online with JasminCam
  5. Click on the "VibraToy" button, then select the "Turn VibraToy On" option
  6. JasminCam will search for your VibraToy
  7. When the search has finished, click on the discovered device
  8. Let's Play! From now on the Member can control your VibraToy in Private Chat!

   Technical Requirements for the device:

  • It is recommended that you also take some time to read through the instruction leaflet provided in the Nora box
  • You need to plug in the USB Bluetooth dongle (included in the package) to connect with the toy. Alternatively you can use the Bluetooth adapter of your PC
  • VibraToy works with the minimum system requirements of ours (Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10 and later). OSX is currently not supported.
  • The device has to be charged in order to use. It can be charged with its magnetic charger (included in the package), plugged into any USB port or USB/AC power adapter. It takes approx. 2.5 hours to fully charge, and works up to 2 hours with one charge.


  • Make sure that nearby computers, devices and software which are able to control Vibratoy are turned off.
  • Ensure that only a single bluetooth adapter device is enabled in your computer. If the existing built-in adapter in your computer can recognize and pair with your Vibratoy, no need to use the USB bluetooth dongle. If your built-in adapter doesn't recognize your Vibratoy, you must disable this adapter and use the USB dongle instead. You can disable a bluetooth adapter from Devices and Printers in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Bluetooth must be disabled in mobile devices, the built-in laptop bluetooth, and all other nearby devices with bluetooth.
  • Don’t move too far with Vibratoy from the computer.
  • Vibratoy should not be connected to the computer via USB, unless charging.
  • Turn off Vibratoy before charging. It has a magnetic charger and will only work if positioned correctly. When attempting to charge, if a solid red light doesn’t turn on,rotate the cable 180 degrees. Once fully charged, the solid red light will turn off.
  • Press and hold the upper button for three seconds to turn Vibratoy on or off. A blinking green light will indicate that it’s searching for connection, and ready to pair with JasminCam.
  • It will turn into a solid green light when the toy is paired with a device or JasminCam. It can connect to only one device at a time.
  • Check the name of the device. JasminCam will try to connect only to a specific device (LVS-), thus do not rename Vibratoy in bluetooth devices.

You can find more information about the VibraToy on the following pages:

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