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Welcome to your Studio Center

Congratulations, you can now start exploring Jasmin! However before that, we would like to kindly suggest you to read through this short "Where to find what" guide, so using your new Studio Center would be the easiest as possible.


As the owner of a Studio account, first you will see the number of your performers, and their current statistics detailed if you click on one.

You may sort your models according to the following filters:

  • All Models
  • Online
  • Unfinished
  • Rejected
  • Active
  • Closed
  • Suspended


  • order by Status
  • order by Name
  • order by Category

By clicking on the Add New Model button on the right side, you can register a new performer under your Studio Account.

By clicking on the information icon you will see your model's current Audio and Appearance ratings, if she/he is protected or not, received the Jasmin Selection Badge or not, and if your Model made any violations.

If you click on the "Statistics" sign, you will see your performer's level in the payout system, the Model online spent time and their income from the last period. Under "show more stats" you can see more detailed information regarding your Models' income.

Under settings you can have the option to make your model's account active or inactive. To grant them the option to see their statistics or not, and to change their password in case it is necessary.

If you click on the "View" icon you will be seeing the layout of the performer's account on the site in a pop up window. However if you click on the name of the performer's account you will be logged in to the account itself.


In this menu you can access to all of your mailings that arrived or that you sent.

Personal Data

Under Personal Data, in case you are also a Model, you have the option to change details regarding your appearance and you have the chance to add or remove languages that you speak properly.


Income statistics - Here you can access to all the detailed information regarding your total income. Also you are able to set the time period you would like to check at the top filters. Under payout overview you can see your payslips.

Payout options - This is where you can set the payment method, through which we will send you payouts. As Individual or as a Company. 

Payinfo FAQ - You may find all the necessary information regarding payouts and a short description of the offered payment methods.

Member referral

Under this section, you can refer people to become new Jasmin Members. By doing so, you will get a lifetime commission after the Member's overall spending!

Help and Info

News - As we would like to keep you as updated as possible, under this menu you will see all the information regarding changes, upcoming events. It is recommended to check daily.

Online Support Chat - Our colleagues are at your service every hour of every day the whole year. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Level Dependent Payment - Your actual earnings are based on the Level Dependent Payment System, giving you the option to increase your earnings without raising your per-minute rate. Your commission for Level Dependent Income will vary depending on your current Level. The higher is your level, the higher commission you receive.

After these menus, you can find our main Wiki page with all the necessary information you might possibly need, the rules of Jasmin, and the agreement you accepted earlier, in case you need any information from them.

Of course our 24/7 available Online Support Chat will be always at your service.

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