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Internet Explorer 

JasminCam – uses Internet Explorer settings for data transmission, therefore a general troubleshooting / reset of Internet Explorer is advisable.

Firstly, if you are using an older Internet Explorer version, updating to at least 8 / 9  is recommended.
You can update to the newest version on the following link:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Press ALT+X on your keyboard, or click the Gear icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Click on the 'Internet Options'.
  4. Click on the 'Advanced' tab.
  5. Click on the 'Reset...' button.
  6. Select 'Delete personal settings'.
  7. Click on the 'Reset' button.
  8. When the reset is done, click on the 'Close' button.

Adobe Flash Player uses Flash technology to stream live camera feeds and to operate the chat rooms on the site. For this reason, it is crucial that you have the latest Flash Player installed on your computer.

As JasminCam uses the Flash plugin from Internet Explorer only, make sure you have the latest version.

Install/Update Flash Player

(For Windows 7) Install Flash by following these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Other browsers won't work for the next step, since JasminCam uses the Flash from this browser.
  2. Visit
  3. Uncheck all Optional offers in the middle.
  4. Click 'Install now' and complete the installation.

(For Windows 8/10) Flash is integrated into these Windows versions, so uninstalling it is not an option. Instead, it should be checked if all Windows components are up-to-date, since these can include updates to Flash as well.

Flash cache clear

If JasminCam runs into display errors, Flash cache needs to be cleared from your Internet Explorer browser.

a. Clearing the flash cache from Internet Explorer.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Visit
  3. Click on the 'Delete all sites' button.
  4. Click on the 'Confirm' button.
  5. Visit
  6. Drag the slider to the right, to 'Unlimited'.

b. If the pages are not appearing for you correctly, you can clear the cache from the Control Panel.

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  2. Locate Flash Player from the list. If you can't find it, try changing the 'View By' option to 'Large icons' or 'Small icons'.
  3. On the Storage tab, select 'Delete All...' under the Local Storage Settings.
  4. Then click on the 'Delete Data' button on the bottom.
  5. Close the Flash Player settings.

Camera problems

No camera image

Note that there are some cameras which might not be supported by certain operating systems. We suggest using one of our recommended camera.

It’s also recommended to have the latest camera driver installed for your camera. They are included with the camera or may be downloaded from the camera manufacturer’s website.

  • Logitech C920:
    Windows default camera drivers are not reliable for this camera thus we suggest to install the official Logitech drivers instead.
    There are separate ones available for Windows 7 and Windows 8/10.
  • Logitech C922, C925e, C930e and BCC950:
    These cameras can be used with the drivers included in Windows. However in case of any problem you can use the official Logitech driver of C920.
    During installation it may state that these cameras are not compatible, but they will work without problem nonetheless.
  • For the PTZ Pro, CC3000e and Group Cam Windows also has drivers and there should be no need to install other ones.

a. Select the correct camera device in JasminCam. If not necessary, avoid using a splitter.

b. Plug the camera into a different USB port, preferably one at the back of the computer, avoid using a USB Hub.

c. Reinstall your JasminCam.

d. If you wish to use a single camera to perform on multiple sites, you will need a camera splitter program. In this case you must configure your splitter application first by selecting your camera inside. After that, set the camera splitter as the source device in our software.

Slow camera image

Slow camera image is mostly the result of connection problems or low upload speed. However other problems could cause this too.

a. Ensure your connection meets the minimum requirements and your are connected via cable, because a WIFI connection can reduce the stability.

If you suspect it could be the issue, please check the guide's connection speed part.

b. Your camera quality may also decrease with high/overloaded processor or memory use.

  1. To see more about CPU and memory usage, please press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time.
  2. In the Task Manager select the 'Performance' tab where you can see the actual use of your CPU and memory. If they are above 80% it can result in camera problems.
  3. Close some of your running applications and browser tabs, only leave the most necessary programs running.

c. Camera settings can also make the camera image slow. Setting high values in the Logitech software may cause the camera trouble providing a stable 30 FPS image. Turn off the 'follow my face', 'rightlight' or 'low light compensation' functions.

No audio

When your audio device is not working or you can't be heard, you could do the following steps:

a. Try restarting JasminCam first, that usually resolves the problem.

b. Enable the audio in JasminCam.

Under the video preview you can see a yellow microphone button, the audio is enabled when it is lit green. 
Click the button to mute/unmute the audio. If it is grayed out, there is no Audio input or a incorrect device is selected.

c. If your microphone can be muted by a remote controller, ensure it is not accidentally pressed. (with BCC950 & CC3000e for example)

d. Make sure that the correct recording device is selected under the advanced settings of JasminCam.

  1. Open JasminCam, but do not log in.
  2. When you are at the login screen, click on the advanced settings button.
  3. The select the correct audio device. Normally it should be your camera's microphone but definitely not a splitter.

e8(For Windows 8/10) Do not use the camera's speakers for listening to music. (BCC950 & CC3000e) Due to the noise cancellation it might filter out your vocals, use separate speakers for music.

  1. Look for a speaker icon on your taskbar (at the bottom right corner of the screen)
  2. Left click the speaker icon then select your Speaker from the drop down list.
  3. Restart JasminCam.

e7. (For Windows 7 or alternative way for Windows 8/10) Do not use the camera's speakers for listening to music. (BCC950 & CC3000e) Due to the noise cancellation it might filter out your vocals, use separate speakers for music.

  1. Look for a speaker icon on your taskbar (at the bottom right corner of the screen).
  2. Right click the speaker icon then select 'Playback devices' option.
  3. In the upcoming window, right click and check 'Show disabled devices'.
  4. Enable the device you would like to use and disabled the unnecessary ones.

f. Plug the camera into a different USB port then restart JasminCam.

g. Ensure that the device is enabled and the volume is not too low in the Recording devices in Windows.

  1. Look for a speaker icon on your taskbar (at the bottom right corner of the screen), right click it then select "Recording devices.
  2. Right click and check "Show disabled devices".
  3. Enable the device you would like to use and disabled the uneccessary ones.
  4. Right click on the correct device and open it's properties.
  5. Switch to the Levels tab and raise the microphone array.

Connection speed

Having a high Internet connection speed is necessary to be able to broadcast HD quality camera feeds.

The minimum required connection is 1000kbps international uploading and 1500kbps international downloading speed.
The recommended one is a broadband connection with 1500 kbps international uploading and 2000 kbps downloading speed.

a. Connect via cable at all times instead of wifi to ensure the stability.

b. Make sure that the JasminCam application is not blocked in your antivirus and firewall. For more info, head over to the Firewall and Antivirus application(s) part.

c. Disable your VPN or proxy (a software which can alter your location) if you have any on your PC, as these will likely negatively affect your connection speed and quality.

d. Ensure that other programs that can take away your bandwidth (hour length youtube videos, other sites, torrent or downloads) are closed.

e. Checking connection speed and the stability of your connection.

  1. Please use our SPEEDTEST to measure the connection.
    NOTE: We are not able to accept results from different sites, since our SPEEDTEST measure your connection directly towards our servers it is the only reliable source.
  2. After the test has finished, compare the the download and upload speed results to our recommendations which alternatively can be found here.

If both speeds consistently match or are above our recommendations, that means the connection will be enough for a Good video rating.

Please note that the bandwidth we recommend will be used by JasminCam alone, so if models want to listen to music online, or watch videos while using JasminCam as well, they will need even faster connections to not affect JasminCam's video and audio quality.

f. Restart your Router/Modem.

g. Skip the router and connect directly to your computer with the internet cable.

h. You may also contact your ISP to ensure the issue is not on their end.

Microsoft .NET framework

A Microsoft operating system platform that incorporates applications. Most times, applications will ask for a particular version of the framework to be installed. In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, the .NET Framework 4 and later are already built-in. However, there are softwares that require an older version, such as .NET Framework 3.5.

a. Download the component from the Official site.

  1. Download the file from here:
  2. Run and install the component.
  3. Restart the JasminCam installer.

b. Alternatively you can enable it from the Control Panel and Windows will install it automatically.

  1. Open Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  2. Open Programs and Features (while in Large icons view) or Uninstall a program (while in Category view).
  3. On the left side, click on 'Turn Windows features on or off'.
  4. Select the .NET Framework line(s), tick the box(es) then click OK.
  5. After these steps, Windows will download the required components, which may take a few minutes.

Windows Update

a. In many cases, the root of the error lays in a simple Windows Update. The windows update service must be enabled and ensure that the computer is up-to-date.

  1. Please open your Start Menu and type in 'Services'.
  2. Open the 'Services' and In the upcoming list find 'Windows update'.
  3. Right click 'Windows update', go into 'properties', set it to 'Automatic' and press apply.
  4. Next, open your Start Menu and type in 'Windows Update'.
  5. Click on 'Check for Updates' and wait for the search to finish.
  6. If any updates are available, install all of them and restart the PC (This can take some time to finish).
  7. In some cases not all updates can be installed at once, so repeat these steps until Windows finds no more updates after the restart.

b7. (For Windows 7/8) Checking for Windows Updates.

  1. You can either directly search for it in the search panel there, or find it in the list.
  2. Go to Change Settings. As it is recommended to enable the automatic update install, choose this one from the drop-bar.

b8. (For Windows 10) Checking for Windows Updates.

  1. Please head to settings, then navigate to Windows update like in the pictures below.
  2. Head into the advanced options.
  3. Here, you can enable the automatic updates.

Firewall and Antivirus application(s)  

Make sure that the JasminCam application is not blocked in your antivirus and firewall. Firewall and antivirus applications at times significantly slow down or even block your stream. We recommend disabling these applications while you’re working as a performer online.

  1. Open the START menu, type firewall.cpl and hit enter, or open the RUN command and type firewall.cpl. This works in XP, VISTA, and W7 versions.

  2. Click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”. It is the second choice in the menu next to a shield icon.

  3. Choose “Turn off Windows Firewall,” then hit OK.

The most common versions of antivirus software are located on the taskbar. By clicking on an antivirus icon, you can normally open the settings panel where you should be able to turn it off.

How to turn off Avast Antivirus: System tray-> right click to Avast icon   -> choose avast! shields control -> choose for how long would you disable it -> press Yes on the warning window.


How to turn off Avira Antivirus: System tray -> right click to the Avira icon  -> uncheck the Enable Real Time Protection -> a closed umbrella  appears after disabling it.


How to turn off Norton 360 Antivirus: System tray -> right click to the Norton 360 icon  -> then select the Disable Anti Virus Auto Protect -> select the time interval -> click to OK.

How to turn off AVG Antivirus: Open the AVG  -> right top corner -> click to Options -> select Advanced settings ->on the next window choose Temporarily Disable AVG Protection -> under this option click to the Temporarily Disable AVG Protection button - > select the duration.

Vibratoy device troubleshoot

Please head over to the Vibratoy Wiki page for further details.



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