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This guide intends to give you a few pieces of advice on how to behave with your customers in general, in both Free Chat and Private Chat. While it is intended for beginner Models, more experienced Performers will too find useful information here.

Being online in free chat

As long as you are online in Free Chat, you will be visible to everyone who is browsing Jasmin, and of course to those who are in your room. A couple pointers to keep in mind:

  • Try to maintain a connection with everyone in your room, and to give a friendly and open impression in order to keep more paying Members in there. 
  • You can encourage the guests in your room to create a Member account, so they can take you to Privates. 
  • Please note that the default language of communication on Jasmin is English. 
  • When you are in Free Chat, you should visible in the camera feed always, since the visitors can join your room any time. If you have a group account, all the registered Models have to be visible too.

Communication style can be somewhat different depending on the type of category the Model is in.

Nude categories - Girl, Mature Woman, Fetish, Boy, Gay, Transgender, Couple, Lesbian

"Where desires meet"

Communication - In all these categories, Members will likely chat about very sexual topic, and may also have certain special desires.

  • Fill out your willingness list carefully and update it if needed, so that misunderstandings can be avoided. 
  • In accordance with our Rules, be sure not to promise anything that you would not fulfill. 
  • You can tease in a more erotic way than in non-Nude categories, but be careful not to spoil everything, and leave the extra content for the privates. 
  • Some day you might meet with rude or harassing visitors. You may see how to handle these visitors in the Harassing Visitors & Fake Admins page.

Fetish category

"Territory for the special needs"

Communication - Fetish is a sub-category of Nude Categories, the same general rules apply as in Nude categories.

  • There are several performing styles in Fetish that Models follow, your communication should reflect the style you chose (for example dominant or submissive).
  • On your Bio Page you can introduce your fantasy world to the Member, so they may get a more detailed picture about the service you can offer.
  • Engage in communication with your visitors according to your performing style. Members should know whether you are dominant or submissive.

Hot Flirt

"Sexy, but needs to be conquered."

Communication - In Hot Flirt category Members expect to be seduced, or wish to impress you, such as during a night out in the club.

  • Imagine a girl next door who is fooling around, having a great time.
  • Avoid false promises to the Members, since after getting a Private, you are allowed to give a nude show.

Celebrity categories

"You need to be interested in the Members, and need to approach them through their minds"

Communication -  Nudity and explicit behavior is not allowed.

  • Try to impress the visitors with your personality and intellect.
  • Seek for the impression of a best friend for whom they can talk about whatever they want.
  • Ask Members many questions and let them talk about themselves too.
  • Avoid sexual conversations.

Being online in Member Chat

This is not a true chat. This is a “lounge area” designed for Models where they have the ability to do things that are not allowed in the Free Chat. The Model may come here to eat, take a phone call, or just take a break. Also after your Private Chat ends, the system automatically switches you to Member Chat, so you can prepare yourself (rearrange your clothes, your make-up, etc.) to get back to Free Chat.

When a Model is in this area two features are available for Members:

  • Sneak Peek - Members can peek into your room for 20 seconds
  • Join a Private Chat

If you are in Member Chat area, it appears on the page as if you were in a Private Chat. Remember that Members can still take you to Private from here, so please avoid leaving the camera feed. If you need to, we suggest you go offline for that time.

Being online in Private Chat

Communication in Private Chat

The Performers can be taken to Private Chat only by paying Members. While you are in Private Chat, you are not visible to anyone else, but the paying customer(s).

  • In this area you should fulfill the Members' requests as long as they are in line with your category rules and willingness. 
  • Here you can leave the camera feed, for example to change outfit, but only if you discussed this with the Member before. 
  • In order to be a successful Model on the site, you should strive to build your own Member base on the site, so friendly communication and glamorous behavior is expected.

Nude Categories

Performers in the Nude categories, are obligated to satisfy the customers’ requests about nude content during a Private. The Model should be able to provide every type of show that is listed in his/her Willingness list. The Models must not close the Private as the Members pay for the show. However there are a few prohibited materials, which they must always reject and report to Customer Support. These are:

  • Incest/underage roleplay – needless to say, everything is against the rules that is an unlawful act
  • Brutality – what is normally considered rape or its imitation, use of force or violence, or any other acts which gives the appearance that it goes against the Models’ free will,
  • Bestiality – sexual contact with animals (even talking about animals in a sexual context) is strictly forbidden
  • Showing blood – this is a sub-rule of the above mentioned brutality,
  • Drug and/or alcohol use – considering that mind altering substances inhibit one’s awareness, consuming such things are also prohibited.


As  this category is all about special needs and demands, you can behave in various ways in a Private Chat, according to the Member's requests. Nonetheless you need to be aware of the few rules that are in place here too. Since this is a sub-category of the Nude Categories, the same rules about prohibited contents apply. You will however find more extreme, and special wishes, so it is even more important to precisely fill and update your Willingness List.

Hot Flirt

In Hot Flirt category Members expect to be seduced. The content during Private Chat, is just between the Model and the paying customer. It is up to you, what you would show to the Member during these sessions. Please note that fake promises are still against the rules, so do not make promises that you would not keep later.

Celebrity categories

As the category describes, mainly your intellect, intelligence and social abilities matter the most. Please avoid sexual themes in your conversations, and focus more on the spiritual, emotional side of matters. Here you should attract the Members with your personality and your talkative, nice attitude. And don't forget: nudity, or explicit acts are not allowed in the category, not even in Private.

  • None