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About HD


All high-spending customers look for Models with HD quality camera images, thus having a clear and sharp picture is the first step to boost your traffic.


To provide the best stream, the initial step is to download the new JasminCam software from your Performer Center. This new software uses less memory in your PC and provides a better performance.


What makes my camera feed HD?

For a crystal clear HD camera feed, you need to meet a few technical requirements. Your computer performance, upload speed, bandwidth, and webcam all must meet HD specifications. If one of these elements is missing, you may not be able to provide high definition content. We are constantly checking the camera feeds online and if a camera image is not in line with our HD-policy, we reserve the right to remove the HD-tag manually.


Note: Some cameras may not be supported by certain operating systems. Please check our recommended cameras for more information on system requirements.

Note: Some cameras offer the use of digital zoom which due the technology used could decrease online image quality (and the image quality rating you have). Thus its use is not recommended in Free Chat.

Read more about these cameras here:  Logitech

What is a camera splitter?

Camera splitters allow your camera feed to stream on more than one software or site. If you do not use a splitter, your camera feed can appear only on one site or software.

Note: Using a splitter may effect your camera feed quality on

How do I adjust my camera feed settings?

To adjust the settings of your camera feed, open JasminCam and click “Show advanced settings” under the “Forgot Password” button.


After you click that button, the advanced settings panel will drop down.

Here you can set the quality most suitable for your computer.
It is necessary to verify that your camera feed remains clear with the selected settings. You must also choose the same settings in Splitcam, JasminCam, and in your camera software.


Input Size:
Here you can choose the resolution of your camera feed. You can select resolutions which provides 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. If your camera feed freezes or your CPU is too slow, you should reduce the resolution.

Frame Rate:

Frame rate is the number of frames/images per second that are displayed. By having a lower frame rate, you reduce the quality of your camera feed. At the same time you improve your computer performance and can maintain a more even camera feed quality.

Bit Rate:
If your Internet upload speed is a bit slower than required and your camera feed is frozen or slow, you may reduce this value. Your Internet upload speed can be raised in different ways, but the first and most important step is to use a hard-wired connection. A hard-wired connection is much more stable than a wireless connection.

Here you can choose between two options: “High” or “Very High.” The Very High setting is advised only for high performance computers. E.g. 4 core CPU with 4GB RAM.

Step By Step Guide to HD 

First, verify that your computer performance is sufficient for HD.

Second, change your internet connection to hard-wired from wireless and verify that no software and/or sites are running which might slow down your internet connection. For example: uTorrent, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other instant messenger programs.
You can easily close any of these by right-clicking on the task bar at the bottom of your screen and choosing “Start Task Manager.”
Under the Applications tab, you can see the running applications. You can close these by selecting them and clicking “End Task.”
To read more about this, check out the Task Manager Step By Step Guide.

Third, you may measure your internet speed here. It is highly recommended to have at least 1500kbits/s of upload speed for each site you are connected to provide a stable and crystal clear camera feed.

Fourth, verify that your webcam is able to deliver HD quality images. You may not use any built-in cameras. Supported cameras are the following.

As a fifth step, verify that you closed your antivirus software and that you disable Windows Firewall by clicking on Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall. This will offload your CPU and will allow you a more stable camera feed. You may find more information here.

Finally, we suggest you make sure that the light in your room is suitable for your camera feed. Having a strong light in front of your camera makes your camera feed blurry. Having a bright light behind the camera focused at your face isn’t a good idea either. Having as many “average strength” lamps as possible provides an ideal condition similar to daylight.

Appearance and Audio Rating in depth

Appearance rating contains the following things:

  • Quality of the provided camera feed
  • Environment
  • Camera position/angle
  • Lighting settings
  • Handling customers
  • Overall appearance of the Model, included hair style, make up, pose

Audio rating contains the following aspect:

  • Audio stream should be enjoyable with minimized external noises.

Please be advised that failing to live up to the following criteria may result in negative consequences. If your Appearance/Audio quality is under the desired level, your rating will be considered as 'Bad' and Models with 'Bad' rating soon can expect -5% commission deduction. Also note that having a 'Good' rating in both aspects is required to be able to participate in the Jasmin Selection program.



If your hardware or bandwidth does not meet the requirements, lowering the values to the next highest available setting can significantly improve most freezing- or delay-related problems. Reducing the ‘Performance’ setting at the bottom of ‘Advanced settings’ from ‘Very High’ to ‘High’ can further improve software performance.

If CPU overload occurs, try setting a lower Frame Rate. If the Internet connection speed is lower than recommended, start by changing the Bit Rate settings to a lower value.

Please exit from all unnecessary and inactive applications and webpages, especially those which overload your connection and CPU (i.e.: Yahoo, MSN, Skype, downloads, Internet radio, firewall, antivirus programs, etc.).

Adjust the color, brightness and saturation of your camera settings as well, in order to achieve a better picture quality.

Last but not least, adjust the lighting in your room. Do not sit in front of or by a window, or close the curtains. Optimally, use indoor lights instead of natural one. Ambient light from windows or too much light fixed on you may result the camera image to deteriorate. Any lighting source should be positioned above you (as opposed to behind or front of you).

Of course, you may also change your camera settings (brightness, saturation) to achieve a better view.

If you need any assistance with your settings, do not hesitate to contact our Online Support.


How to clear your computer by using Task Manager

Close any software or site by right-clicking on the task bar at the bottom of your screen.


Choose "Start Task Manager"

Under the “Applications” tab, you can see running applications and sites.
To close any of these applications,
click on any of them, and then click on “End Task.”

It is highly recommended that you only run JasminCam. Further applications may slow your computer down and affect your camera feed quality.

By click on the “Performance” tab, you can check many necessary details, such as CPU Usage, Available Physical Memory and the number of ongoing processes.



CPU Usage:
It is necessary to keep
this percentage as low
as possible for an optimal JasminCam performance.

Physical Memory:
You can see available memory here. By closing some applications, you can raise the amount of memory available.

This count shows the number of running software/applications. To keep your computer performance optimal, reduce this number. It is normal to have approximately between 20-40 processes.



Logitech Advanced Settings

How to turn off Rightlight?

Open your Logitech Webcam Controller and unmark “RightLight.” Then click on “Advanced Settings.”

In “Advanced Settings,” unmark RightLight again and click on “Save” at the bottom of the window.

Note: By turning off RightLight you may raise your frame rate.

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