Please follow these set of rules to ensure a safe and comfortable experience on for both Influencers and Followers:

Rules for Going Live

Requirements for Going Live

Streaming Environment: please do not stream while driving a vehicle, refrain from dark rooms with poor lighting / make sure to have proper lighting (don’t hide! We want to see you shine!!)

Physical Appearance: sometimes the ’just-rolled-out-of-bed’ look can be sexy, but also messy, or even just lazy if you’re still wearing your PJs. The mess takes away from your glam! Please ensure you and your environment always appear neat and tidy.

Profanity and behavior: Please keep it PG-13 and always refrain from using foul or inappropriate language. Be humble and considerate of others’ feelings. Communication style is key. Think before you speak or react. If you don’t have something nice to say, just don’t say it at all.

Advertizing other sites: At Jasmin we want our influencers to feel like they’re part of a team, one that works together to promote this, and ONLY this given platform. There’s no need to take focus away from it by promoting or redirecting viewers to other, unrelated websites.

You wouldn’t like it if we promoted another model on your profile, either. So, please don’t advertise other brands while streaming on our platform.

Nudity: Let your viewers’ imagination run wild by wearing a sexy outfit, bikini or glamorous lingerie, alternatively, artistic nudity, sophisticated and reserved, is also on the table, it is up to you! Just make sure not to go overboard, showing your genitals is not allowed!

Eating: It’s hard to talk and build solid relationships with your Fans and Followers when your mouth is full! Taking a sip of a non-alcoholic beverage, or having a light snack here and there is okay, but not a full meal. If you’re hungry, plan your meals before or after you go live, so you don’t take the focus away from the essence of your stream: YOU and your personality! (Plus, you’ll just make everyone else hungry and that could backfire by exiting the chat/app...)

Visibility: Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but in this case, it’s just frustrating if you aren’t visible in your stream. Please always remain in the camera frame while streaming. If you need a break to use the bathroom or powder your nose - whatever it may be – don’t leave your viewers hanging! Please make sure to turn your camera off before exiting the frame. We want to see as much of YOU as possible!

Age: We take age restrictions seriously, and so should you. Please always keep underage people out of the camera frame, otherwise we will be forced to close your account permanently, and we would hate to see you leave us!

Audio: We can’t hear your sexy voice if there’s a bunch of background noise interfering, and that’s just annoying; plain and simple. So, please make sure you are in a quiet environment and that you’re audible while streaming.

Distracting activities: Your Followers should be your priority. Make them feel as special as they make you feel. Please focus on engaging with your audience and remove all other distractions. Where your attention goes, the energy flows. Remember: you’re a Prince/Princess, not Cinderella! Your chores can wait.

Dress code: When we say no nudity, we mean: keep it sexy, and sophisticated. Please choose items that cover your genitals!

Camera Angle: It’s common knowledge, that holding the camera too low or too high distorts the person’s body and face. Please make sure to hold your phone at eye level so you look your best. Looking straight into the camera lens helps to develop a deeper connection with your audience, as they gaze into the dreamy windows of your soul!

Unregistered person(s) must not appear in the camera area, even for a short period of time, neither by accident nor for Fans’ request. Please pay special attention to abide by this rule.

A person appearing in front of the camera must be registered under the given account. If the account is being used by an unregistered person, all the accounts belonging to the given ID are going to be automatically suspended.

No teasing in live chat - Influencers cannot provide an erotic show while being live. This means, that they cannot touch themselves, moan or talk dirty. The overall aspect has to remain more glamorous, than explicit.

Suspension system

Exchanging, disclosing, requesting or accepting personal information

Exchanging contact information results in the following penalty: all of your accounts will be suspended for 24 hours. During this time, you won’t be allowed to register new accounts. Your account will be automatically open back up once the suspension period has ended. Meanwhile, if you have several accounts, only two of them will be released from suspension, while any additional accounts will be permanently closed.

The same penalty applies if you repeat this violation a second time. On the third occasion all existing accounts will be permanently closed, and you will only be able to register one final account. If it happens again, there’s no turning back; you will never be allowed to register again.

We hate to break it to you, but three strikes and you’re OUT! Rules are rules. So, please note, that exchanging, disclosing, requesting, or accepting personal contact details is prohibited on our site and will be penalized.

This includes the exchange of

  • addresses
  • messenger IDs
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • social networking handles

Limiting communication to the Jasmin network is for your own protection, not to mention financial interest. Jasmin keeps your confidential information safe and secure.

If you receive such requests from your Fans, you must refuse them, plain and simple.

We suggest sticking to the following built-in tools to stay connected with your Fans and Followers

Video Calling


Live Streaming

Unregistered person using the account

If someone other than yourself uses your account, all your accounts will be suspended for 24 hours. During this time, you won’t be allowed to register any new accounts. Once the period has ended, please contact our Support Chat to verify the registered persons' identities to lift the suspension and get back to business.

Keep in mind that all income earned by involving unregistered persons will be automatically deducted from you, because we are only in partnership with you, the registered account owner, and nobody else.

If this violation recurs, the same penalties will take effect. On a third occasion, all existing accounts will be permanently closed, though the Influencer may register a brand-new account as a very last chance. If the violation happens a fourth time, there’s really nothing more we can do, but to permanently and irrevocably close all your accounts. This means you will never be able to register or partner with us again. Sorry buddy...

THIS IS ALSO DIFFERENT THAN STREAMING WITH ANOTHER LEGAL ADULT. While influencers may have unregistered users on their streams, they are not able to leave the stream completely while this is the case. Members on the site are paying to view the Influencers content only. Always be present when streaming with an unregistered person to avoid being kicked out or suspended.

Promoting other web services

Discussing other web services is not permitted on Jasmin. Advertising or promoting third party services or other websites during your time on Jasmin is forbidden. We offer you a wide range of tools to help you promote yourself, with the aim of cultivating a long-lasting and prosperous collaboration. Let’s respect each other and our shared goal.

Promoting other websites results in the following penalty: all your accounts will be suspended for at least 24 hours. After that period, please contact our Online Support Chat to unblock your accounts and get back to business.

Prohibited content

The following are forbidden under any circumstance in any of your uploaded content or during a Video Call:

  • Drugs
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Blood
  • Offensive content or hate speeches
  • Offering or accepting escort services
  • Brutality (includes using or pretending to use sharp objects like knives, chocking oneself, or talking about such actions)
  • Bestiality (or talking about such actions)

Make your Fans/Viewers your Priority 

All your attention should be focused on your audience:

· Do not sleep, watch TV, read, or engage in any other activity that would distract you from your live stream.

· Your viewers are your biggest fans! Make them feel as special as they make you feel. Make them your priority.

Minor sanctions

No sexually explicit content in Chat

It’s getting TOO HOT in here! Please save the overtly sexually explicit content for a different time and place.

Showing sexually explicit content (masturbation, sexual activity) on the site is prohibited according to our rules. Therefore, the following elements are prohibited:

· Touching your and/or your partner’s genitals (even through underwear)

· Any kind of sexually explicit activity

Even if you receive a Surprise, the actions described above are still prohibited on the site.

It is prohibited to seduce Fans to send Surprises with explicit behavior.

As such behavior is misleading towards Members and is against our policy, we have no choice but to apply more severe actions to those who fail to comply with our rules.

In all such cases, a 24-hour suspension will be applied to all your existing accounts.

If you’re in a mood or having a bad day, the live stream is not the place to let it out. Take some time for yourself, take a deep breath, and return to the live stream when you feel more neutral.

Upon rightful complaints our Support Staff will be forced to take more severe actions for the following cases: being rude to Fans, hanging up on them when in a Video Call, deliberately ignoring them, etc.

Maintaining a positive attitude towards Fans will not only help you avoid such penalties, but also attract more Video Calls and even Surprises!

The ability to communicate in the platform’s official language is mandatory for all Influencers, regardless of their origin or nationality.

Please make sure that you’re only using in English in your videos, as most of our Fans are from English-speaking countries.

Speaking in a language that is not English may result in your Fans losing interest and exiting your page; therefore, you may miss out on several Video Calls and suffer a loss.

Major violations

Underage Content

If an underage person appears in the camera frame

If an underage (or underage-looking) person appears in the frame, then all your related accounts will be immediately and permanently closed, and you’ll lose the opportunity to ever register with us again.

Calling with an underage person

Staying in a call with a person who claims to be younger than 18 years of age results in immediate and permanent account closure. The same rule applies if the user mentions there is an underage person present nearby.

Influencers must reject private shows to underage users and immediately report the issue to the Support Chat.

Any influencer who violates this rule will suffer immediate and permanent account closure.

Discussing underage content

It is absolutely prohibited to pretend to be underage or engaging in any conversation in which either party talks about minors in a sexual manner.

Any influencer who violates this rule will suffer immediate and permanent account closure.

Penalty System   

Getting Kicked Off of Live Streaming

The Live streaming feature is meant for Quality Content and to ensure this, we have rules to abide by to ensure that this remains a place for high caliber content. This is a platform for maintaining communication and building relationships. We take the kind of content uploaded very seriously and strive to continuously improve it together as a team. Failure to abide by the rules will result in getting kicked off, suspended, etc. Please review the consequences to breaking the rules on Live, found below:

1st Offense - Upon committing any of these violations (policy subject to change) you will be sent a feedback notification with photo evidence. If your behavior does not change and or improve, your live stream will be blocked. In this case, a detailed message will be sent to your inbox and/or email explaining why the stream was terminated. Your account manager will receive a copy of the message, as well, so that the violation can be discussed further in detail, if necessary.
2nd Offense - If nothing changes after the first offense and there is no sign of improvement, the influencer will be suspended from going Live until they have contacted an Account Manager. Upon confirmation of their acknowledgement and agreement of the terms and conditions, and the influencer will be deducted one full hour of earned Live income as a suspension fee.
3rd Offense - At this time, the influencer must once again contact their Account Manager following a 48-hour suspension where, again one full hour of earned Live income will be charged as a suspension fee.
4th Offense - Suspension will surge to 72 hours accompanied by an entire Days' worth of live streaming charged as a suspension fee.

Content Rules

 Influencers are strongly advised to refrain from any kind of sexually explicit activity (e.g. oral sex, use of sex toys, masturbation, etc.), or the imitation of such in Free Chat. Touching your own or your partner’s genitals in any way (even through underwear) is also prohibited.

*Please note that these regulations may not be overruled in exchange for a surprise or anything the Fans may offer you.

 Apart from Live streams, unregistered individuals may appear as part of your content, but the registered owner of the account must also always be present and active (e.g., Stories about hanging out with friends are allowed).

◊ Promoting other websites and services is prohibited. Please keep in mind that we are strictly against any kind of spamming (unwanted promotion of other sites and services). Those who violate this rule will have their accounts suspended immediately.

◊ The following are certain prohibited content and activities that must never happen on this site (even the imitation of or passive participation of such activities is strictly forbidden):

These are the following:

  • Incest role-play (when the participants pretend to be relatives)
  • Underage role-play (when one of the participants pretends to be underage)
  • Bestiality (animal participation)
  • Violence (suffocation, causing any injury, etc.)
  • Showing blood in any form
  • Any reference to pedophilia
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Offering or accepting escort service
  • Refer to or performing elimination or consumption of body waste
  • Presenting any kind of weapon and such equipment
  • Offensive or hate speeches and acts

◊ Asking for money or Surprises in exchange for extra services is absolutely forbidden on all sections of the website.

◊ Videos will only be accepted if you speak straight into the camera. Please avoid uploading videos with low quality or noisy audio.

◊ Duplicated Content- Content that already appears in your history; due to the redundance, it cannot be accepted.

◊ The influencer must be present in all uploaded videos. If the influencer’s face does not appear in the video, it will automatically be rejected.

◊ The influencer must be present in all uploaded photos. If the influencer’s face does not appear in the photo, it will be rejected.

◊ The image quality must meet the requirements. Please make sure the resolution and other settings are satisfactory and the picture is not pixelated, rotated, too dark or bright, etc. There should be no borders on the top or bottom of the photos, notes, or videos.

◊ Low quality videos will be rejected. Please note that blurry or grainy videos may not be accepted.

◊ Please make sure that the uploaded image does not contain solid black or solid white frames as they may ruin the aesthetic of your profile (blended or blurred frames are acceptable).

◊ Please make sure that there are no visible watermarks on the uploaded content.

◊ We do not accept content uploaded in Landscape orientation. All uploaded content must have a 9:16 aspect ratio.

 Please make sure that the uploaded image is not collaged as this may ruin the aesthetic of your profile.

◊ Please make sure that the uploaded content doesn't resemble an interface as this may be confusing (i.e., images with message bars, or screenshots of pictures).

◊ The uploaded image should not contain text that is obscured by the site’s interface. Since content cannot be properly viewed on the site, please adjust the text position, and please upload the image again.

◊ We encourage our users to post active and colorful photos.

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