What is BeMyFan?

Connect with your fans using just one link!

BeMyFan is an easy way to bring all your fans together using a single link that can be posted anywhere on the web.

Create your profile, put all your relevant links in one place, and redirect your fans to the website that matters the most to you.

Add social media links, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or links to your own personal website!

How it works?

Create a BeMyFan account.

We recommend you use your Jasmin display name, but you may choose any name. It's absolutely up to you.

Then add your email address. You will need to validate it to make your BeMyFan link available.

Your Jasmin profile, a link to a specific Jasmin post, your Instagram account, Facebook account, and other social media accounts.

Make it your own!

Add a profile picture to your BeMyFan account and choose a background colour to make your page unique.

Post it on all your social media platforms and anywhere else on the web!

Video request

Be closer to your Fans and allow them to request custom videos from you and earn more!

  • Your Fans can request personalized videos from you 
  • The request should be completed within 7 days 
  • When the request is completed, your Fan will receive a link where the video can be viewed or downloaded 
  • You receive 80% share from the price you set 

How it works? 

  • Add a ''Video Request'' link with which you enable fans to make a Video request and pay you 
  • Write a description which videos you are willing to make 
  • Set up the price for a video 

Under your BeMyFan account you may find a dashboard, where you can view all requests and complete these, which are pending. 

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