Influencer display name

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The account name should not be explicit, and should look like a real name.

The only acceptable combination of the account name is the First name + Last name starting with capital letters. You can use your real name as well.

Examples for acceptable namesJessaRight. MarkSmith, AnnaBrown, JohnDevis, BarbaraBoller, AlannaDergan

Prohibited elements in the account name 

Following is not acceptable in the Influencer's account name:

  • Sexually explicit terms like
    • Anal
    • Dick, penis 
    • Whore, slut
    • 69
    • Naughty
    • Sensual
    • Boobs
    • Etc.
  • Names with superfluous or duplicated letters 
    • AnnaaaWilson, JessaRightXL, AMarkSmith
  • Words, which cannot be considered as the first or last name 
    • JessaHot, StrongDevis, AnnaAnna, AmeliaLovely
  • Last name is in front of the first name:
    • DevisJohn, SmithJulia
  • Unnecessary or missing capital letters
    • annaSmith, annasmith, Annasmith, AnnaSmitH, ANNAsmith, annaSMITH
  • Nonsensical names
    • FanRtMsT, asdfasdff
  • Names with extra letters in it
    • LanaSmithTS, AndyDavisXX
  • Prohibited elements as
    • Drug
    • Offensive content or hate speech
    • Offering or accepting escort services
    • Brutality 
    • Bestiality 
    • Incest
    • Body waste
    • Racism 
  • References to a famous name 
  • References to a famous trademark 
  • References to underage content 
  • References to exchanging contact details
  • Reference to asking for money 

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