Turn up the Heat! Be the star and earn more! 

With Hot Shows you are always the star! You can decide everything including your Coin Goal and show type. 

Keep the temperature rising and earn more! 

Use Hot Shows to build relationships with your Fans and to boost your income.
Make sure to avoid being sexually explicit though, use your imagination and your information about your followers to know how to make the show interesting!

Why use Hot Shows? 

  • Excite your Followers - Hot Shows can turn viewers into devoted, paying followers! 
  • Eye-catching badge - This badge will let Followers know your Hot Show will start soon! 
  • Increased Income - Spice up your performance and boost your income! 

How does it work?

Set up your Hot Show 

Write a description about what you will do during your Hot Show, make your followers interested.
However make sure not to be vulgar with your Hot Show descriptions as sexual acts are not allowed during a Hot Show!
Considering this, you'll want to use a description that will match the content you will provide during your show.

Set a Coin Goal - this is the amount of coins to reach in order to start the show.

Set up the show length - it can be set from 3 to 15 minutes.

Collect Coins 

Entice your Followers during your pre-show so they will contribute to your Coin goal! 

Keep things hot but leave them wanting to know more! 

Once your Followers contribute enough Coins to fulfill your goal, the show will start automatically.

Show time

Once your Followers contribute enough Coins to fulfill your goal, the show will begin! 

Set your own rules and earn more with Hot Shows! During started Hot Shows you are allowed to reveal more of yourself and to be nude as well as long as you remain tasteful! Please avoid being sexually explicit though (using sex toys, masturbating), as that is still off-limits.

Do not forget to perform elements, which you wrote in the show description. 

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