Welcome to your new Influencery Center

Congratulations, you can now go online and start exploring Jasmin! However before that, we would like to kindly suggest you to read through this short "Where to find what" guide, so using your new Influencery Center would be as easy as possible. 

Home Page

After a successful login to your Influencery Center, you will be automatically directed to your Home page. Influencer Wiki Home

Account Selector and Settings

  • Clicking here at the right upper corner of your Influencery Center, you have the option to change your e-mail address and password or log out from your account. 

Period Statistics

  • Under Statistics, you can check your Dashboard for total working hours and earnings from your current period.

Ongoing Contest and Latest News

  • Under your Period Statistics, you may find the topic of our ongoing Video Contest, where you can also join the competition.
  • You can read the latest News of Jasmin at the bottom right corner of your Home page.

Going Online

  • You can Go Online by downloading and activating the "Influencery app". The mobile influencery app is user friendly and will offer all the amenities available on the browser version of the Jasmin Influencery Center. 



In the Stat Dashboard, you will be able to find added-value information and Key Performance Indicators like: 

  • Your total earnings
  • Your total working time: Your average earnings per hour
    • Divided by
    • Compared with the previous period

Also, pie charts and tables of your detailed performance over the selected period compared to the previous period You may find more information about Dashboard usage here.

Income Overview

This option can be found under Statistics menu, you can find your current earning levels for each feature category based on our Level System and view the detailed statistics from your earnings. under the Help and info tab) and view the detailed statistics from your earnings.


Profile Picture

  • Profile Pictures of Infleuncers are going to be the main tools to get the Visitors’ attention. The better, prettier and more professional Profile Photo you have, the more attractive you will be to raising your traffic, positioning you better on the site and increasing your chances of getting Video Calls! Here you can upload a Glamorous photo for Jasmin.
  • You may find our Profile Picture requirements here.

Account Data

  • Using the Introduction, you can share unique personal information about yourself and point out what things you really like, or on the contrary - dislike.
  • Under Interests , you can select what are your interests. This way Fans can search for you by the topics you are interested in and they will know what type of content you are creating.

Personal Data

  • Under Personal Data, you have the option to change details regarding your appearance, and you have the chance to add or remove languages you speak.

Price & Privacy

Price: You can change your price per message in Messenger and price per minute for Video Calls. 

Filter specific words from your chat room. they will not appear for you and for other users. NOTE, if Member's message will contain banned word, the whole message will not appear in your chat. Thus be careful adding words, which should be banned. 



Under this option, you can track your Fans who have engaged with you. You are also able to add them as favorite besides leaving a note about what they like, check their profiles or send them messages.

You may sort your members according to the following filters:

  • order by Last spent
  • order by Favorite
  • order by Most spent
  • order by Name 


In this menu, you can see your mailings either with Fans whom you have received Private Messages from or with Jasmin Support staff. 

You can message with your Fans by using Messenger. It is simple and convenient way to keep in touch with your Fans while you are offline. 

You can send text, video, pictures and audio files anytime from your account or by using Influencery App. 

Send messages regularly to inform your Fans when you will be available online, write about your thoughts or ask how they are doing. You can be connected anytime and where with your fans. 

You may delete unwanted messages or if you send something unintentionally. However the message will not be removed from your account, it will be hidden, therefore you may check on it later. 

Jasmin Messenger - Photo/Video Sharing feature

Why use the Photo/Video Sharing feature available in Jasmin messenger?

Discover how to earn more with the Jasmin messenger new feature

  • Share more content with your followers via messenger app
  • Earn more with the shared content 
  • Set your own coins targets for each photo
  • Available anytime on mobile and Desktop


Open the messenger, click on intended Fan.
Add the Photo or Video
  • In order to start the photo sharing process you need to click on the picture gallery icon highlighted below.

  • Clicking the picture icon will open the Device’s  Photo Gallery so that you can select the desired photo.

  • Error Messages 

     If the minimal requirements are not reached by the photo or video, an error message should show you the proper reason why the image can not be sent to the member (eg image quality is low, file size is too big )

       Technical Requirements for photos:

    • Acceptable image types are JPG, JPEG, PNG

    • Recommended image type is JPG, all non-JPG files will be converted

    • Minimum picture size is 240x240 pixels

    • Maximum file size is 15 MB per photo

  •  Technical Requirements for videos:
    • Free videos should be between 3 seconds and 10 minutes and premium videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes.

    • Minimum 240px width

    • File formats: AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, FLV, F4V, MP4, MKV

    • The max. file size is 2 GB

If the you click on send image icon select the photo but then click on cancel the image will not be sent

Select Pricing

 \After choosing the photo the selected one will appear in the chat box, next to it there will be a price selection option 

  • Price is set by you
  • 3 coins is selected/highlighted as default price to send the photo
Sending photo
  • After selecting the price, you will click on send button and the photo will be sent to the user.
Photo Notifications
  • While sending the photo, under the photo we will display the following message "3 coins Photo is sending..."

  • After the photo is sent the above message will change from the previous text to " 3 coins photo was sent" so that the you have a confirmation that the photo was sent for the specified price.
  • When the photo is purchased the notification text is changed to "Photo purchased for 3 coins" so that the you'll have the confirmation that the photo was bought for the specified price.
  • Fans and Influencers should receive a push notification if a photo was received if they use a mobile device

Income statistics 

  • Purchased content by the Fans should be indicated for you in the income overview as a Message income and in the Dashboard page as a message income

  • Sent images by member has same price as a single message.

Other Behaviors

  • You can click on the sent photo and the photo will open at a larger size
  • The User can send photos to you and if you click on the photo this will be open in full view

Voice Message

With this option you can send audio records to your Fans . Do not miss the opportunity to wish ''Good Morning'' and ''Good Night'' to your Fans and allow them to hear your sweet voice. 

Voice Message can help your Fans to understand feelings you put into your Message and answer to you with the same passion. 

Sending voice messages is really easy and you can do it from your Influencery account or through Jasmin Messenger. 

Click on the microphone icon to start recording your voice message. 

You can record up to 1 minute long messages. Once the message is recorded click on icon to send the message, or icon next to the message in case you wish to cancel recording. 

Note: the message can be recorded in real time only. You cannot send prerecorded messages or audio files. Thus you should have properly set microphone in order to record and send Voice Messages. 

Mass Message

Sending a message to multiple Fans is easy with Mass Message option. 

You can send photo or video to multiple Fans at the same time by using Mass Message. You can send a Mass Message once in a day.

Click Mass Message button on Messages page

You can select photo or video on the opening screen.

After setting details, you can select the Fans you want to send media. You can send to maximum 20 Fans. You need to select minimum 1 Fan to send media. 

If you click on Send button and the media will be sent to the user. You can then monitor the sending progress. 

When Fans unlock the media that you sent, you will immediately earn. Purchased content by the Fans is indicated for you in 'Messenger' on Income Overview page and in the Dashboard page as a 'Message' income.

Mass Messages do not count as replies to any previously unanswered member messages.


Once a week you will have the opportunity to participate in the Magazine Contest offered via Jasmin.com 

  • You make a video following the requirements 
  • You upload it as a free highlight

At the end of each week the winners will be announced in the Place order. 

Music Library

According to copyright laws, you may not use music without a purchased license. We provide you with a wide range of music that you can use for your uploaded My Content or Contest Videos.


Payout Overview

From this detailed interface you are able to review all of your Payout information for this year, or for the Previous years.

You will be able to find the Table Organized from the top of the page with the following Key Components: 

  • Payment Date
  • Amount
  • Payment Method 
  • Payment Status
  • Payment Type
  • Invoice
  • Invoice Status

Automatic Immediate Payout

  • You can have your Payout be Sent 1 Business Day after Period Closure to make sure that your Payout is sent to you as soon as possible
    • The Fee for this Service is 1% of the Related Payout Amount (Minimum $5, Maximum $150) and will be deducted each period this service is active. 
    • Immediate Payouts may be Activated or Deactivated at any time. 

Note: The Standard payout date of the first period is on the 10th day of the next month, while the payout date of the second period is on the 25th day of the next month. Please note that a payment period is always closed 3 business days after the calendar end of the period.

Payout Options

Under this option, you can track your Fans who have engaged with you. You are also able to add them as favorite besides leaving a note about what they like, check their profiles or send them messages.

General Settings

  • Here, you can adjust the General Settings of your Payout Options
    • In Currency, You can adjust your Currency type to reflect the currency of your Choice from your Broadcasting location, to be paid out in whatever works best for you
    • In "Type" You are able to adjust If you would Prefer Standard Payout options, or if you would like to Activate the Automatic Immediate Payout option, as mentioned above. 
    • In "Minimum Limit" The Payout Limit is the Amount of Earnings you must earn before getting Paid. 
      • Note: It is recommended to keep your Payout Limit on the lowest setting ($100) so that you are paid out more frequently. 

Payout System Guide: 

Each period consists of two weeks (14 days).

You need to reach your Payout Limit in a period in order to receive payment on the payout date of that period. If you reach your Payout Limit in a period, your payout will be performed 25 days after this period's end. If you do not reach the Payout Limit in a period, your earnings are rolled over to the next period until you reach your Payout Limit. The payouts are always performed 25 days after a period is closed, regardless of the payment method you choose.

In case you would like to change your payout details please send an e-mail to payinfo@jasmin.com from your REGISTERED email address and include the following information and documents:

  • The requested change
  • A scanned copy of your photo ID
  • A NEW face and ID photo (holding your ID next to your face)

For detailed information on our payout system please read our Payinfo FAQ section.

Billing Address

Under the Billing Address tab, you are able to adjust your Billing Address in regards to your Payment address. This information is required to complete the Processing of your Payment on the site. 

Payout Option

Under the "Payout Options" Tab, you are able to review all of the information that you have Submitted for your Payout Options, to make sure everything is correct.

Earn More

The content below must encourage the followers to use the premium features in the Influencery application, such as the Premium Highlights, Messenger and Video Call. These are great tools to generate extra income while creating a more proximate relationship with the followers.

Mobile Live

From the Mobile Live Tab, you are able to explore the opportunities of Live Streaming on the site! With Influencery, you can stay in touch anytime, anywhere!
Share your thoughts, talk about what's on your mind, and let your voice be heard from any place in the world! So go LIVE and connect with all your followers!


Send unlimited texts, share media and increase your income while building a strong bond! Chat with your followers easily and in REALTIME! Share your photos and videos, You can set your own price for your content and watch your income increase with additional earnings.


Share your everyday moments with your followers and express yourself in you own way. Stories are the main window for your world, the first impression users get of you. Whether it's Videos, Photos, or Notes, take this chance to let everyone knows what you’re really all about!

Video Calls

Take advantage of Video Calls to quickly form real connections. Every Video Call increases your earnings! Activate this feature by simply enabling the button in the Influencery app with a simple tap. From then on, you will be able to take Video Calls from your followers!


Videos are an excellent way to monetize your best content. All your Highlights will be saved on your profile, and you can set your own price for each of them!
Use Free Videos to promote your Exclusive Videos! That's your chance to tell your story and be passionate!


Help & Info


As we would like to keep you as updated as possible, under this menu, you will see all the information regarding changes, upcoming events. It is recommended to check this section daily.

Online Support Chat

Our colleagues are at your service every hour of every day the whole year. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Income Shares

Your actual earnings are based on the Level System, giving you the option to increase your earnings without raising your per-minute rate. Your commission for the featured categories varies depending on your current Level. The higher your level is, the higher commission you receive!


The following pages assist you with the most common topics while working on. You are currently here at the moment. Jasmin.com.


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