Introduction - The importance of profile pictures

Let your imagination dictate how you want to express yourself, and do not mint quality constraints, as they are absolutely secondary to your own style and appearance!

"You need to be interested in your Followers, and need to approach them through their minds"

  • The outfit can be like what you wear on a regular day in work, or for grocery shopping. It is also beneficial to have a tasteful background, however it is not a must!
  • Selfies are welcome too, and don't concern yourself with your phone being visible on the picture as long as it does not obscure you too much.
  • Stylish, self-expressionist clothing is also welcome on pictures, and encouraged!
  • Lingerie and bikini is allowed on pictures.
  • Tasteful nudity and teasing your followers with your Profile picture is allowed.
  • Explicit behavior (such as masturbation, sex toys or poses that may refer to sexual acts) is not allowed however.

Getting started with basic requirements

Technical requirements:

  • Acceptable image types are JPG, JPEG, PNG
  • Recommended image type is JPG, all non-JPG files will be converted
  • Minimum picture size is 720 x 720 pixels
  • Maximum file size is 15 MB per photo

In general

  • The quality of the picture itself is secondary as long as you are clearly visible on it and it adheres to the given rules!
  • Having proper composition on your pictures (lighting, background) helps a lot with standing out, but it is not a must-have at all.
  • Professional photos are however welcome and encouraged too.
  • Only the registered person(s) can appear in the pictures.

Tips and Tricks regarding quality

Most common mistakes regarding quality

  • Ask for help from someone who has some knowledge about photography: Whether you have your pictures taken in a professional studio or at home, make sure that the person who is taking your photo has some proficiency, as a minimal knowledge about how to set the lighting conditions and composition can make big differences.

Sharp and Clear Images

By setting the image quality to the highest, you can avoid ending up with over compressed, blurry pictures.

Please feel free to use online picture editing tools to optimize your image. There are many popular image-sharing websites that offer the option of editing and optimizing your picture with one click, so you can bring out the best of your pictures.

  • Blurred, fuzzy, grainy photos are not pleasant to look at, so it is best to avoid them however the most important factor in pictures is your own style that you bring to the table!

Photo manipulation

Keep photo animations to a minimum, of course, using photo manipulation can offer some extra style to your pictures with careful planning.
Make sure not to upload rotated images, as they are a no-go.

Image Size

Changing the size of the photo by adjusting the aspect ratio will result in distorted pictures. Please properly crop the picture to get the desired size, it is recommended to use the genuine version of the taken picture.

Lighting conditions

Setting up proper lighting conditions can give you quite the quality on your images. Here are some useful tips for the perfectly lit picture:

  • Avoid standing in front of a window or a lamp.
  • Try taking the picture so that the light comes from behind the camera.
  • Avoid shiny materials in the background which may reflect the flash.
  • Your picture should not be yellow and neither too dark or too bright.

A few examples for Profile Pictures

Composition requirements

Once you are sure that the quality meets the requirements, you may start focusing on the composition of your picture. The goal is to create a tasteful, attractive image, that gives a professional impression.

Common mistakes that you may pay extra attention to:

  • Make sure that your head and face are visible on the picture, pictures of your individual body parts may not be accepted as a Profile Picture.
  • Avoid missing part of your head from the image, we cannot accept scalped, headless photos.
  • Pay attention to the background, a chaotic background is not appealing, but standing in the corner of the room or in front of a wall or a mirror does not have the desired effect either.
  • Avoid displaying items such as wires, power plugs, door knobs and door frames, blinds, fans and other random objects in the background that ruin the overall atmosphere of your picture.
  • Avoid poses where your face is not clearly visible, as you might be unrecognizable this way.

Remembering the rules

Every part of the Prohibited Content list (except alcohol) is also unacceptable to be shown on profile images, such as:

  • Drugs
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Blood
  • Offensive content or hate speech
  • Offering or accepting escort services
  • Brutality (includes using or pretending to use sharp objects like knives, chocking oneself, or talking about such actions)
  • Bestiality (or talking about such actions)

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