How to start a registration

To start your registration on Jasmin, please visit click on the "Join Us Now!" button.

Once you click on the "Join Us Now!" button, you will be asked to provide a valid Email address and Password.

You will need to check the box next for "I accept the Services Agreement, Sensitive Data and Cookie policies for Influencers/Agencies".

Once you click on "Create Account" you will be directed to the next step.

Next you will need to fill in your Full name (First and Last Name), Display Name and Date of birth (Month Day and Year), and lastly your Instagram account name along with the person who referred you to Jasmin.

As the next step you'll need to provide a valid Identification Card.

Once you click on "Next"

You have successfully created your account.

Your Account Status will be Pending and you will be contacted via email regarding your registration so make sure to check your email inbox.

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