What is Story?

Stories are the main window for your world, the first impression users get of you. Take this chance to let everyone know what you’re really all about!

Stories are a great way to promote yourself, and show your followers your daily routine.

Story requirements

If you want to be featured on our homepage and take advantage of all benefits, you must upload Stories the right way! 

So let us give you a complete run-down on all the necessary guidelines you need take into consideration before making your Stories:

The general rules involve the following:

  • Promoting other websites and services is prohibited.
  • Prohibited content cannot appear at all. (Drugs, Weapons, Blood, Offensive content, Hate speech, Brutality, Escorting, Bestiality)
  • Unregistered persons may not be visible in your uploaded content.
  • Asking for money or surprise in exchange for extra services is strictly forbidden.
  • Duplicated content cannot be accepted.
  • The uploaded content (photo, video) must have the influencer present.
  • Low quality photos or videos will not be accepted.
  • We do not accept content uploaded in Landscape orientation. Must be 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Please, do not have cell phones displayed in the uploaded content.
  • Tasteful nudity is accepted in Free however masturbating, using sex toys is not allowed and poses that refer to sexual acts should not be visible.
  • Underage content is strictly prohibited.
  • Political/controversial content is not allowed 

Here are the most important things to keep in mind for each different type of Story content you wish to upload:

Story Videos

  • 3-45 seconds long video
  • Make sure to upload at least 10 Video Stories / day! This is an important requirement for the Awards as well!
  • Your videos should be equally distributed, they should not be uploaded at the same time.
  • Stories cannot be duplicated and cannot be too similar to the other video stories either, Video stories should lead your Followers through your daily activities.
  • Think of yourself as a reality tv star, who gets up in the morning and brings their fans throughout your day. Check in from every location that you currently are.
  • Speak as much as possible in all your videos. Engage with your followers.
  • Share facts with your followers – try and inform yourself as much as possible about what is going on currently around the world.
  • Gossip! Be up-to-date with some celebrity gossips. Do you have a straight opinion Hollywood trends?
  • Try and film at as many different locations throughout your day, as you can. Of course you dot have to go out in this time, but use different angles, various scenarios. 
  • Make sure that the focus of the video is not about eating, having a small snack and drinking non-alcoholic beverage is acceptable, however eating main courses in front of the camera is not!
  • Only internally licensed music is allowed. Please use music from the Music Library only

Story Photos

  • Photos are recommended to be related to your topic.
  • You may post selfies, photos of your daily activities, hobbies.
  • Upload photos that provoke communication – Uploading a photo of yourself with your favourite book asking about the Fans’ favourite books is an excellent conversation starter.
  • You are encouraged to make tasteful edits on your photos.
  • You should not use obvious filters, neither should you over-edit your photos.
  • Quality requirements are not as high as Profile Photo’s, however, you are advised to post good-quality photos.
  • Position yourself to be in the focus of the photo.
  • Make sure the text does not cover your face. Nor does it cover the site's user interface and other elements by being at the top or right at the bottom of the picture.
  • Texts should not be more than 3 lines.
  • Aspect ratio should be 9:16.
  • Use photos for self-promotion; bring awareness to Messenger/VideoCalls, ask questions to start conversations, bring awareness to your highlight topics.

Story Notes

  • Notes should be great conversation starters. (Questions, interesting topics, your opinions on different subjects, asking your Followers' opinion)
  • Promote features in a witty way.
  • Notes are recommended to reflect your personality. (your opinion, likes, dislikes, thoughts)
  • Draw attention to the Highlights, encourage fans to join the conversation - Create notes that follow the call to action principle!
  • Make your Notes humorous, though-provoking, inspiring.
  • Keep your notes concise, easy to read, using relatable emojis.
  • Pay attention to your grammar and punctuation.
  • Your notes can be flirty, however, refrain from overly sexual texts, they will be rejected.

Examples for Story Photos and Notes

Tips for Photo editing tools:

  • Camera edit on phone - Brilliance, black Points, Brightness and highlight
  • Facetune/Airbrush
  • LightRoom
  • SnapSeed
  • Over
  • InShot

Technical Requirements 


  • Minimum resolution 360x678 pixels
  • Length 15-45 seconds 
  • Portrait aspect ratio (9:16)


  • Minimum resolution 240x240pixels
  • Portrait aspect ratio (9:16)


  • Maximum number of characters: 750

Tutorial video

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