What is the Welcome bonus?

When you work with Jasmin, success comes fast and easy!  

To help newly registered Influencers launch their careers, they can take advantage of our valuable income boosting program! New Influencers can enjoy higher earnings for their first two full periods.
How long does a period last? Each period lasts 14 days. No matter the month, it’s always 14 days. Do keep in mind that CET times apply for period start and period closure, therefore the total only time for the Welcome Bonus will be calculated according to this timezone.

For example:  

Period Start Date Period End Date 
1st September 14th September 
15th September 28th September 
29th September 12th October 

For example, if an Influencers registered on the 12th of September 2020. Then the 1st period is the 15th-28th of September and the 2nd period is the 29th of September - 12th of October.

This extra bonus is only available for newly registered influencer, and only during their first two periods. 

How to earn the bonus? 

Your bonus calculation is based on your level dependent income. When the online hours are reached, bonus income will be added in the end of the period. 

If you are a newly registered Influencer you only have 2 chances to benefit from this incredible bonus. So go online and enjoy the benefits!  

  • Be online for 100 hours during your first period, and you will receive a 30% bonus at the end of this first period 
  • If during your second period you also have 100 online hours, you will get a 50% bonus at the end of second period  
  • If you were not able to reach 100 online hours in the 1st period, you can still get a bonus! Get 100 online hours in 2nd period to receive a 30% bonus


You may always check your online hours and progress in reaching the bonus in your Influencer account

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